Roman Emperor : Coins of Allectus

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
ALLECTUS 293AD Usurper Authentic Ancient Roman Coin of LONDON PROVIDENTIA i65624997.0 USD2017-12-28 00:42:20
RARE Ancient ROMAN COIN of ALLECTUS 293 AD-296 AD felicitas caduceus cornucopia192.0 USD2018-01-05 20:44:33
Allectus - High Grade & Partially Silvered PAX AVG Antoninianus - Camulodunum85.0 USD2018-01-09 23:40:10
Allectus AE Antoninianus "Laetitia, Anchor" Camulodunum (Colchester) RIC 79 gVF313.2 USD2018-01-02 04:29:17
Allectus AE Antoninianus "Laetitia, Wreath & Anchor" London 293-296 AD RIC 22264.0 USD2018-01-12 05:12:22
Ancient Roman Empire Coin ALLECTUS Providentia On Reverse RARE COIN80.75 USD2018-01-02 00:41:02
AD 293-295 Antoninianus Coin Allectus Camulodunum Mint ANACS VF-30 Dtls Crrd AKR695.0 USD2017-12-28 19:19:42
ALLECTUS 293AD Colchester Mint RARE Authentic Ancient Roman Coin PAX450.0 USD2018-01-01 23:10:12
Scarce NGC Ancient Roman/Brittanic Empire AE ANT of Usurper-Emperor ALLECTUS, VG215.0 USD2017-12-24 03:19:38
Roman Imperial, Allectus AE Quinarius436.0 USD2017-12-21 19:20:18
[#505643] Allectus, Quinarius, Colchester, VF(20-25), Bronze, RIC:182208.0 USD2018-01-15 23:01:28
[#506914] Allectus, Quinarius, London, VF(30-35), Bronze, RIC:55247.0 USD2017-12-28 14:01:06
[#44438] Allectus, Antoninianus, London, VF(30-35), Billon, RIC #33, 3.47286.0 USD2018-01-06 12:18:13
[#506915] Allectus, Antoninianus, London, EF(40-45), Bronze, RIC:28377.0 USD2017-12-28 15:02:40
Allectus (293—296 AD) Antoninianus 'Providentia'350.0 USD2017-12-31 20:26:46
AURELIANUS ALLECTUS 293-294 AP JC- RIC 33 - LONDRES-USA-15P5944 217.15 USD2017-12-24 16:22:14
Allectus bronze quinarius galley facing right299.0 USD2017-12-23 22:40:22
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