Roman Emperor : Coins of Aureolus

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Aureolus, in the Name of Postumus AE Antoninianus "Fides" Choice Portrait EF800.0 USD2018-08-09 17:07:22
AUREOLUS 267 AD-268 AD Ancient ROMAN COIN concordia prow rudder Postumus VG old419.99 USD2018-08-14 21:56:21
Aureolus (In the Name of Postumus) AE Antoninianus "Concordia on Galley" gVF259.0 USD2018-07-29 18:14:41
ANTONINIEN - AUREOLUS - MILAN SUPERBE-USA-15P5947 258.67 USD2018-07-22 16:22:25
[#68265] Aureolus, Antoninianus, AU(55-58), Billon, 3.60325.0 USD2018-08-04 13:21:52
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