Roman Emperor : Coins of Claudius

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Lot of 9 Higher Quality Ancient Roman Coins; Claudius II..; 22.8 Grams!4.25 USD32018-03-26 00:56:20
AE As of Roman Emperor Claudius, 41-54 AD, Libertas reverse NGC Ch VF 9002349.99 USD2018-04-18 19:18:04
Choice Very Fine Ancient Roman Empire Claudius II AD268-270 BI Double Denarius 11.5 USD52018-03-21 22:40:28
CLAUDIUS ALEXANDRIA EGYPT 41-54 A.D./ BULL / STAR10.0 USD02018-03-25 23:04:37
R14-08 Claudius I, AE As, struck 41-50AD. Minerva reverse.24.0 USD2018-03-29 14:20:49
Roman Empire Claudius, AD 41-54 NGC F ***Rev Tye's Stache*** #60057894.99 USD02018-03-30 21:52:57
Authentic AE Dupondius of Roman Emperor Claudius, NGC Certified 1016149.99 USD2018-04-06 21:15:22
41-54 AD CLAUDIUS AE BRONZE - ANCIENT: ROMAN IMPERIAL (LOT #111)12.0 USD2018-04-06 20:39:18
RARE Posthumous Death Issue 20mm Coin of Claudius II Gothicus "Deified Emperor"2.76 USD22018-03-24 04:00:05
AE As of Roman Emperor Claudius, 41-54 AD, Constantia reverse NGC VF 9003299.99 USD2018-04-12 15:25:26
Claudius AE Dupondius.6.0 USD62018-03-23 03:01:55
CLAUDIUS Ae As circa 41-54 Rome Minerva spear & shield69.95 USD2018-03-27 01:00:51
CLAUDIUS II, Genio of Emperor, Patera, Altar, Cornucopia, Imperial Roman Coin0.99 USD02018-03-26 01:19:35
EMPEROR CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS___AE Antoninainus___FIERY EYES___Jupiter0.99 USD12018-03-26 02:33:01
Fantasy - 41-54AD Roman Imperial Claudius I Modern Educational Token4.99 USD2018-04-08 16:22:39
authentic dupondius claudius 28mm,14,3grms 110.0 USD02018-03-21 20:33:01
036. Roman Bronze Coin. CLAUDIUS. AE-As. Rome. Minerva. aFine0.99 USD02018-03-26 03:36:58
L6 Lot of 3x Ancient AE Roman Antoninians Claudius Gothicus Gallien1.0 USD02018-03-23 20:20:24
Claudius (41-54 A.D.) - Fourree Denarius - Nemesis reverse - RARE250.0 USD2018-03-28 20:55:28
Claudius I AE As - CAESAR AVG/Minerva Spear S-C Goddess of Wisdom RIC I 10019.0 USD02018-03-29 22:00:07
*centauro* AS CLAUDIUS minerva AE 3.0 USD02018-03-25 21:52:37
L6 Lot of 10x Ancient Roman AE Antoninians Gallien Claudius Prob Carin Aurelia1.0 USD12018-03-25 19:50:11
L6 Lot of 10x Ancient Roman AE Antoninians Gallien Claudius G. Prob Tetricus1.0 USD12018-03-25 19:52:30
MORTWN Augustus Pamphlia Side or Perhaps Claudius AE18 Hours of Attribution Fun!15.0 USD2018-04-20 00:55:15
Claudius Brocages Roman Silver Coins 620.99 USD12018-03-25 21:04:48
Ancient Roman AE AS CLAUDIUS 41-54AD -Minerva advancing right 13.8g75.0 USD2018-03-27 21:52:28
Roman coin of Claudius II.14.99 USD2018-04-20 00:52:32
Roman coin of Claudius II.11.99 USD2018-04-20 00:59:38
Germanicus (brother of Claudius) Æ As. Rome, AD 50-54. 10.32g 249.0 USD02018-03-25 19:45:02
Roman Empire AE As of Emperor Claudius35.0 USD2018-04-03 15:42:59
ROMAN EMPIRE - Claudius II Gothicus, 268-270 AD, Antoninianus, Fortuna Redux4.0 USD2018-03-30 10:02:52
[#415726] Claudius, As, 41-50, Roma, AU(50-53), Copper, Cohen:47, RIC:9788.0 USD2018-04-17 03:04:02
Divus Claudius II 269-270 AD Bi Double-Denarius Commemorative Death Issue NGC AU130.0 USD2018-04-05 16:22:46
Claudius 41-54 AD AE As Rome Minerva Ancient Roman Coin RIC.116125.0 USD2018-03-26 22:22:34
Claudius, RIC 113, Rome 41-54 AD., Libertas Reverse, ancient Roman coin, T22C65.0 USD2018-03-23 23:49:02
Roman Bronze Coin CLAUDIUS II ROMAN IMPERIAL.......see all of our Ancients!15.0 USD12018-03-22 00:35:54
Ancient Roman Claudius AD 41-54 Quadrans (#11) NGC Fine. Carefully Check 90.0 USD2018-04-01 17:54:39
Ancient Roman, Claudius, AE As. 41-54 AD.72.0 USD2018-04-13 01:30:38
Ancient Roman Coin. Claudius I AE. 42 AD. 28mm. 8.94g. Rome Mint.119.0 USD2018-03-22 14:54:03
Roman AE As Emperor Claudius (41-54 AD) AU NGC - SKU#158957863.54 USD2018-03-25 15:34:35
Claudius I Silver Denarius "EX SC OB CIVES SERVATOS Oak Wreath" RIC 16 gVF Rare2244.61 USD2018-03-28 04:59:20
BRONZE DUPONDIUS. CLAUDIUS, 41-54 AD. ROME 42 AD. CERES REVERSE. 69.0 USD2018-03-29 16:00:46
Roman Silver Denarius Emperor Claudius (41-54 AD) CH XF* NGC - SKU#16259711973.96 USD2018-04-07 17:34:47
Authentic Roman Coin of Emperor Claudius, Constantia reverse, CC866779.99 USD2018-04-10 14:31:37
Claudius I AE Sestertius "EXSC OB SIVES SERVATOS in Wreath" Rome RIC 96 aVF691.51 USD2018-04-12 05:39:29
L6 Claudius Gothicus Büste n.r. AE Antoninian Rs Mars Helm lanze1.0 USD12018-03-21 21:19:03
Claudius II antoninianus 268-270 AD60.0 USD2018-04-06 23:57:40
Claudius I AE As "Minerva Brandishing Spear & Shield" Spanish Mint RIC 100 gVF457.86 USD2018-04-12 05:43:09
Claudius I AE Quadrans "Hand Holding Scales, PNR & SC" Rome 41 AD RIC 91 VF90.78 USD2018-04-07 19:31:45
Claudius II Gothicus Antoninianus "SECVRIT AVG Securitas, XI" Rome RIC 100 nEF72.42 USD2018-04-07 19:31:43
Claudius II Gothicus AE Antoninianus "SPES PVBLICA Spes" Milan RIC 168 EF269.89 USD2018-04-07 19:31:47
Claudius II Gothicus AR Antoninianus "VIIII Engraved Countermark" Extremely Rare449.41 USD2018-03-28 04:59:26
Claudius I Sestertius "SPES AVGVSTA Spes Walking" NCAPR Nero Countermark 366.18 USD2018-04-12 05:43:10
Claudius II Gothicus AE Antoninianus "Fides" Rome RIC 34 Choice EF Portrait135.25 USD2018-03-28 04:59:22
Mcedon , Thessalonika Claudius and Augustus Roman85.0 USD2018-04-19 03:34:33
Claudius II Gothicus AE Antoninianus "VIRTVS AVG Mars, Trophy" Siscia RIC 172 EF99.35 USD2018-04-03 19:16:24
Claudius II Silvered Antoninianus "FORTVNA RED Fortuna" Rome RIC 40 MS Portrait139.07 USD2018-04-03 19:18:52
Claudius II Gothicus AE Antoninianus "Liberalitas With Abacus" Rome 57 EF131.17 USD2018-03-28 04:59:21
Divo Claudius II Gothicus AE Antoninianus "CONSECRATIO Altar, Q" Milan RIC 26145.49 USD2018-04-03 19:18:16
Claudius II Gothicus Silvered Antoninianus "FORTVNA RED Fortuna" Choice EF135.25 USD2018-04-12 05:43:13
Cappadocia, Caisarea Nero, AD 54-68 AR Drachm rv Divus Claudius Ch VF NGC 475.0 USD2018-04-08 19:50:27
Claudius II Gothicus Posthumous Antoninianus "CONSECRATIO Eagle" Rome RIC 266 VF90.78 USD2018-03-30 00:03:17
Claudius 41AD Very Rare Quadrans Ancient Roman Coin Hand with scales i42286220.0 USD2018-04-08 23:08:12
Claudius II Gothicus Silvered Antoninianus "ADVENTVS AVG Horseback" Scarce54.47 USD2018-04-12 05:43:09
Claudius 41AD Rare Big Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Minerva Wisdom Cult i42211220.0 USD2018-04-06 17:17:03
CLAUDIUS 42AD Rome QUADRANS Modius Authentic Original Ancient Roman Coin i46369380.0 USD2018-04-09 08:42:25
Bronze coin of The Roman procurator of Judea, Antonius Felix, under Claudius.19.0 USD02018-03-27 22:45:18
Claudius 41 - 54 AD Quadrans Modius SC Ancien Rome 55.0 USD2018-04-19 05:03:26
CLAUDIUS 42AD Rome Quadrans Modius Original Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i59181340.0 USD2018-04-08 21:24:26
CLAUDIUS - Genuine 41AD Rome Food MODIUS Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i60662180.0 USD2018-04-07 00:15:14
Bronze coin of The Roman procurator of Judea, Antonius Felix, under Claudius.19.0 USD02018-03-27 22:48:01
Claudius 41AD Large Rare Ancient Roman Coin Minerva Athena Magic Cult i41922400.0 USD2018-03-22 13:45:43
Claudius Countarmark Augustus " Large SC "55.0 USD2018-03-29 03:27:01
CLAUDIUS II 268AD HERCULES 11th labor Apple of Hesperids RARE Roman Coin i51006150.0 USD2018-04-03 20:32:59
Divus CLAUDIUS II Gothicus 270AD Rome CONSECRATIO Roman Coin Quintillus i65437278.8 USD2018-04-16 00:41:34
Claudius 41AD Large Rare Ancient Roman Coin Constantia standing left i45633115.51 USD2018-04-16 15:08:29
R16-03 Claudius I, AE As, Struck 50-54 AD. "Constantia" reverse48.0 USD2018-03-24 13:44:35
Claudius 41AD Large RARE Ancient Roman Coin Ceres Torch=hope emblem i39280 115.51 USD2018-03-22 04:49:47
CLAUDIUS 42AD Rome QUADRANS Hand with Scales Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i63292180.0 USD2018-04-09 01:40:23
CLAUDIUS 50AD Rome Authentic Original Sestertius Ancient Roman Coin i64884170.0 USD2018-04-19 07:00:24
Roman Empire Claudius II AD 268-270 NGC Ch XF ***Rev Tye's Stache*** #0111139.99 USD2018-04-10 22:33:12
Claudius II Gothicus 268AD Ancient Roman Coin Good luck Cult Commerce i5589780.0 USD2018-03-24 21:27:47
CLAUDIUS 50AD Libertas Liberty Large Ancient Roman Coin Rome i27356114.4 USD2018-03-31 23:06:52
Roman Empire Claudius II, AD 268-270 NGC Ch XF ***Rev Tye's Stache*** #009994139.99 USD2018-04-18 19:13:39
Claudius 41AD Big Authentic Ancient Roman Coin LIBERTAS Liberty Cult i42240140.0 USD2018-04-07 17:45:19
CLAUDIUS 41AD Rome Ceres Original Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i58710140.0 USD2018-04-18 03:50:21
Claudius 41AD Big Authentic Ancient Roman Coin LIBERTAS Liberty Cult i4224480.0 USD2018-04-07 18:39:23
Claudius 41AD Large Rare Ancient Roman Coin Minerva Athena Magic Cult i39576115.51 USD2018-04-01 01:37:50
Claudius II Gothicus 268AD Ancient Roman Coin Good luck Cult Commerce i55751100.0 USD2018-04-16 16:27:23
CLAUDIUS PULCHER 110 - 109 BC DENARIUS SILVER ANCIENT XF AU 9305E246.05 USD2018-03-21 19:28:40
Claudius 41AD Large Rare Ancient Roman Coin Constantia standing left i4755670.0 USD2018-04-01 23:31:17
ANCIENT ROMAN Auth. RARE$ coin 41 - 54 AD CLAUDIUS & TYCHE. PHOENICIA, SELEUKIA95.99 USD02018-03-24 06:54:33
Roman Empire Claudius & Spes Sestertius 41-54 AD Certified by NGC1000.0 USD2018-04-02 04:39:08
CLAUDIUS Cistophorus. Ephesus. Diana of Ephesus2000.0 USD2018-04-17 05:28:07
Claudius II 268AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Good luck Cult Commerce i5768150.0 USD2018-03-22 16:32:49
ANCIENT ROMAN Auth. 2 RARE$ coin$; 27 BC - 14 AD AUGUSTUS & 41 - 54 AD CLAUDIUS29.99 USD02018-03-24 06:54:13
Claudius Constantiae dupondius AE192.49 USD2018-03-26 14:48:50
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