Roman Emperor : Coins of Diadumenian

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
339 DIADUMENIAN 218 NEAPOLIS SAMARA 21mm. 7gm.15.0 USD02017-12-21 02:06:51
DIADUMENIAN son of MACRINUS 217AD Rare Ancient Silver Roman ROME Coin i559971400.0 USD2017-12-25 20:12:40
Diadumenian son of Macrinus 217AD Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin i652501478.8 USD2018-01-04 14:04:21
Diadumenian Silver Denarius "Caesar With Baton, Two Standards" Rome RIC 108 nEF586.62 USD2018-01-02 04:29:18
Diadumenian 218AD bronze Assarion Ancient Roman Nikopolis Serpent Asklepios.189.95 USD2018-01-11 18:24:49
Ancient Rome AD 218 DIADUMENIAN Nikopolis, Æ27, Artemis adv r, with pooch129.99 USD2018-01-11 02:44:01
Roman provincial Moesia Inferior coin Diadumenian, 217-218 AD (C240)50.0 USD2018-01-12 22:48:22
AA756, Roman Empire, Diadumenian Caesar (217-218 AD) AR Denarius (3.28g) Rome, P1015.2 USD2018-01-04 18:32:28
[#416524] Macrinus and Diadumenian, Bronze, Marcianopolis, VF(30-35), Bronze728.0 USD2017-12-25 20:43:48
[#415643] Diadumenian, Denarius, 217-218, Roma, Silver, RIC:1021366.0 USD2017-12-20 15:11:36
[#416920] Macrinus and Diadumenian, 5 assaria, Marcianopolis, EF(40-45), Bronze227.5 USD2018-01-08 15:35:50
[#506910] Diadumenian, Denarius, Rome, AU(50-53), Silver, RIC:102546.0 USD2017-12-28 14:31:22
[#31767] Diadumenian, Denarius, Roma, AU(50-53), Silver, 3.00650.0 USD2018-01-07 14:09:30
[#31766] Diadumenian, Denarius, Roma, AU(55-58), Silver, 4.08975.0 USD2018-01-07 14:09:43
ROME EMPEROR Macrinus Diadumenian Markianopolis 27MM #mbb 247108.0 USD2017-12-20 21:39:24
[#505453] Macrinus and Diadumenian, Tetradrachm, Antioch, VF(30-35), Bronze117.0 USD2017-12-23 13:25:45
ROME EMPEROR Diadumenian 27MM #mbb 24380.0 USD2017-12-20 21:44:09
Ek // Roman Empire : Diadumenian AD 218 AR Denarius NGC XF490.0 USD2018-01-07 20:48:33
DIADUMENIAN, (208-218 AD) Denario, CAYON.- 7, 3grs. Silver399.0 USD2018-01-13 18:33:02
Diadumenian As Concordia SC MILIT18.0 USD2017-12-22 20:58:21
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