Roman Emperor : Coins of Didius Julianus

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
DIDIA CLARA DIDIUS JULIANUS daughter Silver Denarius Roman Coin RARE NGC i582964995.0 USD2017-11-06 20:06:54
MANLIA SCANTILLA wife of Didius Julianus 193AD Silver Roman Coin NGC VF i590964455.0 USD2017-11-02 06:38:11
DIDIUS JULIANUS 193AD Sestertius RARE Authentic Ancient Roman Coin NGC VG i619282227.5 USD2017-10-25 01:22:19
DIDIUS JULIANUS ROMAN EMPEROR LIMITED signed Etching Portrait Fine Art Print7.5 USD2017-11-01 22:33:16
DIDIUS JULIANUS,193 AD Sestertius NGC Certified Choice XF, 4/5; 4/5 Very Rare. 3500.0 USD2017-11-14 18:43:49
Manlia Scantilla wife of Didius Julianus 193AD Ancient Silver Roman Coin NGC3750.0 USD2017-11-03 21:20:35
*Foro* Didius Julianus 193 AD AE Sestertius - Nice Details NGC F1575.0 USD2017-10-31 17:30:29
*Foro* Didius Julianus 193 AD Sestertius - Nice Details NGC VG1875.0 USD2017-10-31 17:30:29
[#506898] Didius Julianus, Denarius, Rome, Silver, RIC:12600.0 USD2017-10-29 17:33:07
[#33192] Didius Julianus, Sestertius, Roma, EF(40-45), Bronze, RIC #16, 19.302080.0 USD2017-10-25 09:46:33
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