Roman Emperor : Coins of Domitian

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Domitian NGC AR Denarius 81-96 AD XF 41683115-01920.56 USD162018-03-26 04:33:58
Imperial Rome DOMITIAN 81-96 AD Denarius25.0 USD02018-03-22 00:07:29
Domitian NGC Denarius 81-96 AD F 4094396-01123.5 USD52018-03-26 04:34:27
Domitian, Silver denarius RIC 669 Rome, Minerva reverse, Ancient Roman Coin T24A40.0 USD2018-03-31 13:25:43
Alexandria Egypt Domitian 92 AD 11.4 Grams 27.6mm 45.0 USD2018-04-09 15:32:15
Domitian (81-96 AD). Rome Mint. AE As. RIC I 385. Altar reverse.125.0 USD2018-04-08 21:32:48
ROME ~ DOMITIAN ~ 81-98 AD ~ DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ VF49.96 USD2018-04-15 18:27:33
Domitian Roman Coin25.0 USD2018-04-15 18:13:16
Authentic AE As of Roman Emperor Domitian, Pax Reverse CC827549.99 USD2018-03-28 20:25:15
Roman imperial Domitian (AD81-96)Selucid and Pieria AE Semis.VF. 24.95 USD2018-03-29 20:29:17
Domitian 81-96 AD,.Rome Mint, Dupondius. RIC 405 Fortuna reverse Ancient coin105.0 USD2018-04-14 16:50:24
81-96 AD Roman Empire Domitian Lighted Altar Silver Denarius34.0 USD2018-04-18 17:27:32
Lot of 4 Roman Empire Coins, 100 B.C, Domitian, Nerva, Vespasian84.99 USD2018-04-15 00:57:52
Ancient Roman Empire, Domitian. 76 AD. AR Denarius. Pegasus409.5 USD2018-04-06 22:04:49
Domitian, as Caesar, 80 AD, Silver Denarius, Helmet on Throne45.0 USD2018-04-15 21:23:40
Silver Cistophorus of Roman Emperor Domitian, Struck 95 AD NGC Ch VF Fine Style1104.99 USD2018-04-07 15:28:11
Rare Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Domitian, Wolf Reverse NGC Ch VF 5006339.99 USD2018-04-04 15:17:10
Silver Denarius of Roman Imperor Domitian Minerva Reverse NGC Ch VF 8008229.99 USD2018-04-17 03:21:16
Domitian as Caesar AE As "SC Spes Walking, Optimism" Rome Mint RIC 1053 Rare180.13 USD2018-04-12 05:39:26
AE As of Roman Emperor Domitian Moneta Reverse CC809739.99 USD2018-04-18 15:33:03
AD 81-96 NGC VF Roman Domitian AR Silver Denarius, Minerva Advancing Rev.179.99 USD02018-03-30 22:38:36
Domitian as Caesar AE As "PAX AVGVST Pax, Branch & Column" 73-74 AD RIC 669 aVF229.38 USD2018-04-12 05:43:12
Domitian as Caesar AE As "VICTORIA AVGVST Victory on Prow" Under Titus RIC 286180.54 USD2018-03-28 04:59:26
Domitian - bronze as, 81-96 AD140.0 USD2018-04-05 02:31:26
Domitian as Caesar AE Sestertius "PAX AVGVST Pax, Branch" Rome 80-81 AD VF Rare914.82 USD2018-03-28 04:59:21
AE As of Roman Emperor Domitian, SALVTI AVGVST very scarce CC8169149.99 USD2018-04-07 14:33:01
Domitian AE Sestertius "Victory, DE GER Germania, Trophy" RIC 405 Very Rare gVF7181.41 USD2018-04-03 19:16:25
ROME ~ DOMITIAN ~ 81-96 AD ~ 1 DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ VF46.16 USD2018-04-18 14:58:07
Domitian Big Sestertius 26,84 g German captive very Rare!70.0 USD02018-03-27 13:26:54
Domitian As "SALVTI AVGVSTI Altar of Salus" Rome Mint 85 AD RIC 305 Choice EF1097.6 USD2018-04-07 19:31:46
Domitian AE As "MONETA AVGVSTI Moneta, Deity of Money" Rome RIC 408 gF Green137.98 USD2018-04-03 19:18:15
Domitian AE As "VIRTVTI AVGVSTI Virtus" Rome Mint 87 AD RIC 551 Lovely VF584.05 USD2018-04-12 05:43:10
Domitian as Caesar AR Denarius "COS IIII Pegasus (Pegasos)" Rome RIC 921135.25 USD2018-04-03 19:16:24
Domitian AE As "Victory Holding Aquila" Rome Mint 84 AD RIC 230 Rare 457.57 USD2018-03-23 02:58:10
Domitian Sestertius "Annona Facing Seated Ceres, Altar" Rome 85 AD RIC 396 Rare1795.81 USD2018-03-28 04:59:22
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 81AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Altar i53196170.0 USD2018-04-09 00:55:11
Roman Gold Aureus Emperor Domitian (81-96 AD) XF NGC - SKU#1536668953.13 USD2018-03-25 15:34:13
Domitian AE As "Virtus, Foot on Helmet, Holding Spear & Sword" Rome RIC 499 207.54 USD2018-04-03 19:16:24
Domitian as Caesar AE As "CERES AVGVSTI Ceres, Torch" 80-81 AD RIC 512 Fine226.0 USD2018-04-10 22:23:51
DOMITIAN Rare 75AD Rome QUINARIUS Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin i65441140.0 USD2018-04-16 00:57:03
Domitian as Caesar AE As "Bare Head & Spes Walking" 77-78 AD RIC 1292 Rare EF592.62 USD2018-04-12 05:39:25
Domitian as Caesar AE As "Minerva, Spear & Thunderbolt" Rome RIC 315 Rare731.75 USD2018-03-23 02:58:12
Domitian AE As "MONETA AVGVSTI Moneta With Scales" Rome RIC 408 Good VF231.14 USD2018-04-03 19:18:18
Domitian Dupondius "Two Oval Shields, Crossed, Trumpets" RIC 372 Rare Near EF343.62 USD2018-04-03 19:16:24
Domitian 87AD Large Ancient Roman Coin Fortuna Luck Wealth symbol i48789100.0 USD2018-04-06 18:56:41
Domitian Sestertius "GERMANIA CAPTA German Captive, Trophy" 85 AD RIC 397 Rare4570.21 USD2018-04-03 19:18:54
Domitian AE Dupondius "Virtus Standing" RIC II 484 Near EF Authentic Roman Coin433.09 USD2018-04-12 05:43:11
Domitian Sestertius "FRVG Platform, Citizens, Temple" Secular Games RIC 607 Rare6283.81 USD2018-03-30 00:03:17
Domitian Silver Quinarius "Herald, Shield" Rome 88 AD Secular Games RIC 599 Rare183.68 USD2018-04-03 19:18:52
Roman Empire, Domitian, 81-96 AD, AE As, Mars140.0 USD2018-04-18 17:19:33
Domitian As "Emp, Flute & Lyre Players, Temple" Secular Games RIC 623 Scarce VF415.24 USD2018-04-03 19:18:54
Domitian Caesar Silver Denarius "Dolpin Atop Tripod" Rome 81 AD RIC 74 VF Scarce457.86 USD2018-03-23 02:58:12
Domitian Sestertius "Domitian, Temple, Three Women Praying" RIC 610 Very Rare549.66 USD2018-04-03 19:18:17
Domitian Dupondius "FIDEI PVBLICAE Fides, Fruit Basket" Rome RIC 534 Rare gVF914.82 USD2018-04-03 19:16:24
Roman Imperial Domitian AD 81-96,AE Dupondius;NGC F 5/5 Strike,2/5 Surface157.95 USD2018-04-01 15:30:06
Domitian AE Sestertius "Distyle Temple, Minerva Statue" RIC 277 Scarce VF1571.41 USD2018-04-07 19:31:44
Domitian Sestertius "Two Arched Triumphal Arch, Elephants" RIC 79c Very Rare VF9140.1 USD2018-03-23 02:58:13
Domitian AE As "Fortuna With Rudder & Cornucopiae" Rome RIC 707 aVF Authentic184.63 USD2018-03-28 04:59:26
Domitian AR Denarius "Minerva, Rostral Column & Owl" 88-89 AD RIC 668 VF315.18 USD2018-04-04 18:45:24
Domitian Sestertius "Emperor Clasping Hands General Agricola" 85 AD RIC 359 Rare6855.01 USD2018-04-03 19:18:51
Domitian Sestertius "IOVI VICTORI Jupiter Enthroned" Rome 90-91 AD RIC 702 VF457.86 USD2018-04-03 19:18:15
Domitian Sestertius "Emperor Crowned by Victory" Rome 90-91 AD RIC 703 Stunning1828.74 USD2018-04-03 19:18:51
Domitian 69-81AD bronze AE27 Ancient Rome Antioch Syria Seleucis Pieria.124.95 USD2018-04-17 14:50:42
Domitian Silver Denarius "Minerva Brandishing Spear" 89 AD RIC 685 Choice VF229.38 USD2018-04-03 19:18:13
ROME ~ DOMITIAN ~ 81-96 AD ~ 1 DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ F27.99 USD2018-03-27 21:33:05
Domitian AE Quadrans "Rhinoceros Charging & SC" RIC 250 Scarce Rhino gVF225.01 USD2018-04-12 05:41:27
Domitian AR Denarius "Minerva Brandishing Spear" Rome 90-91 AD RIC 719 EF314.77 USD2018-04-03 19:18:54
Domitian (AD 81-96) Roman AR denarius coin RIC 764 Minerva Rome mint about VF140.0 USD2018-04-11 04:52:27
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 94AD Rome Silver Ancient Roman Coin Minerva OWL i64502260.0 USD2018-04-12 23:06:12
DOMITIAN 76AD Semis of Antioch in Seleukis and Pieria Ancient Roman Coin i58042300.0 USD2018-04-06 01:49:32
Domitian 77AD Romulus Remus She-Wolf ROME Founding Silver Roman Coin i58587500.0 USD2018-04-14 01:49:16
81-96 AD Roman Empire Domitian Pegasus Silver Denarius69.0 USD2018-04-04 15:16:46
DOMITIAN on Horseback 78AD Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin of Rome i43641380.0 USD2018-04-06 21:40:21
FORVM gVF Domitian Denarius 92 AD Minerva Holding Thunderbolt and Spear138.0 USD2018-03-26 13:46:01
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 85AD Big Ancient Roman Coin Mars War God Cult i52110500.0 USD2018-04-02 22:18:09
DOMITIAN 92AD Rome MONETA Money Goddess Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i57882430.0 USD2018-04-10 01:36:12
Domitian AR Denarius Minerva Spear & Shield Owl COS XV Authentic Roman Coin293.6 USD2018-04-11 17:01:18
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Cult i51171300.0 USD2018-04-13 14:49:10
Domitian (81-96 AD). Rome Mint. AE As. RIC I 708. Moneta rev..125.0 USD2018-04-03 18:36:24
Domitian AR Denarius Minerva Javelin & Holding a Shield Authentic Roman Coin233.9 USD2018-04-10 02:06:12
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Salus Health Cult i39695263.11 USD2018-04-04 21:51:27
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Cult i53343340.0 USD2018-03-27 19:23:02
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva OWL i57507390.0 USD2018-03-21 19:32:30
FORVM Domitian Denarius 79 AD Salus Leaning on Column Feeding Snake115.0 USD2018-03-26 13:45:44
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53361320.0 USD2018-03-27 15:22:28
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53285210.0 USD2018-04-02 14:14:59
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53277210.0 USD2018-04-02 14:18:59
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53311260.0 USD2018-03-25 22:08:38
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 93AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i57516380.0 USD2018-03-22 00:05:53
84-85 AD Roman Prov Judea Ascalon Domitian CY-188 Bronze Ancient Coin ANACS VG 8150.0 USD2018-04-08 15:42:05
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 81AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i64478300.0 USD2018-04-12 00:14:11
DOMITIAN with Judaea Herodian King AGRIPPA II 85AD Ancient Roman Coin NGC i666471318.8 USD2018-04-16 22:27:43
DOMITIAN as CAESAR 80AD Thrace Sestertius Mars Ancient Roman Coin i56061500.0 USD2018-03-24 03:38:40
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 87AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i65089198.8 USD2018-04-12 18:18:49
82 AD Roman Domitian AE AS Rome Mint Bronze Ancient Coin ANACS F 15150.0 USD2018-04-08 15:50:09
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Cult i53288180.0 USD2018-04-02 14:13:16
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 76AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Pegasus i65073198.8 USD2018-04-10 23:43:12
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Cult i53292180.0 USD2018-04-02 14:11:18
DOMITIAN 88AD Rome SECULAR GAMES Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin NGC i62475838.8 USD2018-04-13 00:01:49
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