Roman Emperor : Coins of Domitian

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Pleasant, Inexpensive Domitian As31.0 USD82017-10-20 20:32:56
MORTOWN Domitian Denarius. 90-91 AD Minerva with Owl at Feet67.0 USD2017-11-02 21:45:05
Domitian 81-96 A.D. Ancient Roman Coin10.5 USD32017-10-18 21:10:19
017. Roman Silver Coin. DOMITIAN. AR Denarius. Rome. T-Bolt on Throne. aVF15.5 USD72017-10-22 20:17:49
Ancient Roman Coin Domitian; 81-96AD;AE28;11.2g 4.5 USD02017-10-23 00:05:56
Domitian, 81 - 96 AD, Silver Denarius, Minerva55.0 USD2017-11-04 16:04:05
Domitian, 81 - 96 AD, Silver Denarius, Minerva60.0 USD2017-10-20 13:20:49
015. Roman Silver Coin. DOMITIAN. AR Denarius. Rome. Lighted Altar. Fine12.5 USD32017-10-22 20:16:49
Domitian. AR Denarius. Rome.25.0 USD2017-11-14 17:56:04
DOMITIAN silver AR Denarius | MINERVA - standing right on capital / RIC 77117.5 USD92017-10-23 19:34:46
020. Roman Silver Coin. DOMITIAN. AR Denarius. Rome. Horseman. VG5.5 USD32017-10-22 20:18:51
Metal Detector find-Ancient Roman AE As EMPEROR DOMITIAN 81-96AD -VIRTUS ? N3722.75 USD2017-10-27 02:53:04
JUDAEA. Judaea Capta. Domitian (81-96). Ae. Caesarea Maritima (2)10.0 USD02017-10-22 17:56:38
JUDAEA. Judaea Capta. Domitian (81-96). Ae. Caesarea Maritima (2)10.0 USD02017-10-22 17:54:59
Domitian; Ancient Roman Silver Denarius; Minerva Reverse55.0 USD2017-11-08 02:31:17
Domitian AD 81-96 Denarius, NGC Ch XF, nice bold strike, reverse Minerva175.0 USD02017-10-23 01:56:33
Silver Cistophorus of Roman Imperor Domitian, Struck 95 AD NGC Ch VF Fine Style1799.99 USD2017-11-07 12:26:37
81-96 AD Roman Empire Augustus Posthumus AE As Under Domitian Rule *1970159.96 USD2017-10-22 16:15:26
Roman Imperial Domitian. AR denarius. AD 85. 35.0 USD02017-10-20 17:44:40
ANCIENT JUDAEA - CAESAREA - SAMARIA - DOMITIAN 81 - 96 AD AE1837.5 USD2017-11-08 15:08:34
Roman Empire Domitian AD 81-96 AR Denarius 3.56 Gr NGC Caesar Issue Choice XF 549.0 USD2017-10-18 01:33:45
Domitian as Caesar AE As "Bare Head & Spes Walking" 77-78 AD RIC 1292 Rare EF725.0 USD2017-11-10 04:20:28
Domitian as Caesar AE As "PAX AVGVST Pax, Branch & Column" 73-74 AD RIC 669 aVF279.85 USD2017-10-22 03:12:04
JUDAEA. Judaea Capta. Domitian (81-96). Ae. Caesarea Maritima.10.0 USD02017-10-22 17:53:43
DOMITIAN 81 96 AD ANCIENT SILVER COIN 1877J399.0 USD2017-11-09 20:30:42
Domitian as Caesar AE Sestertius "PAX AVGVST Pax, Branch" Rome 80-81 AD VF Rare1119.85 USD2017-10-26 16:38:44
FORVM Domitian AE30 As Virtus (Valor and Courage) Wearing Helmet Holding Arms138.0 USD2017-11-12 12:24:08
Domitian AE As "MONETA AVGVSTI Moneta, Deity of Money" Rome RIC 408 gF Green167.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:27
Domitian AE Quadrans "Rhinoceros (Rhino) Charging Right" 84-85 AD RIC 249165.0 USD2017-11-03 05:54:52
Domitian AR Denarius "Minerva, Rostral Column & Owl" 88-89 AD RIC 668 VF385.0 USD2017-11-03 05:54:52
Domitian Sestertius "Two Arched Triumphal Arch, Elephants" RIC 79c Very Rare VF11199.85 USD2017-10-22 03:12:46
Domitian AE Sestertius "Victory, DE GER Germania, Trophy" RIC 405 Very Rare gVF8799.5 USD2017-11-02 05:01:19
Domitian as Caesar AE As "SC Spes Walking, Optimism" Rome Mint RIC 1053 Rare219.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:46
Domitian AR Denarius "Minerva Brandishing Spear" Rome 90-91 AD RIC 719 EF384.5 USD2017-11-02 16:25:29
Domitian Sestertius "Emperor Crowned by Victory" Rome 90-91 AD RIC 703 Stunning2239.85 USD2017-11-02 16:20:11
Domitian Sestertius "IOVI VICTORI Jupiter Enthroned" Rome 90-91 AD RIC 702 VF559.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:30
Domitian AE Sestertius "IOVI VICTORI Jupiter Enthroned" 90-91 AD RIC 702 nVF385.0 USD2017-10-28 17:15:48
Ancient Roman Empire, Domitian. 76 AD. AR Denarius. Pegasus455.0 USD2017-11-07 22:04:49
Domitian as Caesar AR Denarius "COS IIII Pegasus (Pegasos)" Rome RIC 921164.5 USD2017-11-02 05:01:20
Domitian as Caesar AE As "Minerva, Spear & Thunderbolt" Rome RIC 315 Rare895.5 USD2017-10-22 03:12:04
Domitian Caesar Silver Denarius "CERES AVGVST Cere" Rome RIC 976 (Vespasian)164.0 USD2017-10-26 16:38:45
ANCIENT ROME Domitian 81-96 AD AE-As Rome Mint #A46775.0 USD2017-11-10 18:53:23
Domitian AE As "Virtus, Foot on Helmet, Holding Spear & Sword" Rome RIC 499 253.09 USD2017-11-02 16:19:29
Domitian as Caesar AE As "VICTORIA AVGVST Victory on Prow" Under Titus RIC 286220.0 USD2017-10-26 15:01:10
ANCIENT ROME Domitian 81-96 AD Silver Denarius #A19460.0 USD2017-11-14 19:56:05
Domitian Sestertius "Annona Facing Seated Ceres, Altar" Rome 85 AD RIC 396 Rare4399.0 USD2017-10-26 16:38:44
Domitian AE As "Victory Holding Aquila" Rome Mint 84 AD RIC 230 Rare 559.5 USD2017-10-22 03:12:47
AE As of Roman Emperor Domitian Struck 87AD Virtus Reverse CC807369.99 USD2017-11-09 02:14:02
Domitian Dupondius "Two Oval Shields, Crossed, Trumpets" RIC 372 Rare Near EF419.85 USD2017-11-02 05:01:21
Ancient Roman Empire, Domitian as Caesar, AD 80-81. AE Dupondius. Ceres85.0 USD2017-10-23 03:06:50
Domitian Sestertius "FRVG Platform, Citizens, Temple" Secular Games RIC 607 Rare7699.5 USD2017-10-28 18:36:52
Domitian Sestertius "GERMANIA CAPTA German Captive, Trophy" 85 AD RIC 397 Rare5599.5 USD2017-11-02 16:20:15
FORVM Domitian Copper As Moneta Holding Scales and Cornucopia Very Fine109.0 USD2017-11-12 12:24:06
Domitian AE As "VIRTVTI AVGVSTI Virtus" Rome Mint 87 AD RIC 551 Lovely VF714.5 USD2017-10-22 03:12:47
Domitian As "SALVTI AVGVSTI Altar of Salus" Rome Mint 85 AD RIC 305 Choice EF1343.85 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Domitian AE Quadrans "Rhinoceros (Rhino) Standing Right" Rome 84-85 AD RIC 249109.5 USD2017-10-26 16:38:48
Domitian As "Emp, Flute & Lyre Players, Temple" Secular Games RIC 623 Scarce VF507.63 USD2017-11-02 16:20:12
Domitian AE Sestertius "Distyle Temple, Minerva Statue" RIC 277 Scarce VF1924.5 USD2017-11-07 01:58:18
Domitian as Caesar Silver Denarius "CERES AVGVST Ceres, Poppy & Corn" RIC 976 109.5 USD2017-10-26 16:38:44
Domitian Sestertius "Domitian, Temple, Three Women Praying" RIC 610 Very Rare672.35 USD2017-11-02 16:19:29
Domitian AE Quadrans "Helmeted Minerva & SC in Laurel Wreath" RIC 123 Scarce 111.85 USD2017-10-26 16:38:46
Ancient Roman Empire, Domitian, AE Dupondius. 86 AD. Fortuna65.0 USD2017-11-13 18:16:16
Domitian AE As "Fortuna With Rudder & Cornucopiae" Rome RIC 707 aVF Authentic225.01 USD2017-10-26 16:38:45
Domitian Dupondius "FIDEI PVBLICAE Fides, Fruit Basket" Rome RIC 534 Rare gVF1119.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:27
Domitian as Caesar AR Denarius "PRINCEPS IVVENTVTIS Salus, Column" Rome RIC 1084109.5 USD2017-11-02 05:01:26
Domitian AE As "MONETA AVGVSTI Moneta With Scales" Rome RIC 408 Good VF282.01 USD2017-11-02 16:19:29
Domitian AE Dupondius "Virtus Standing" RIC II 484 Near EF Authentic Roman Coin529.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:04
Domitian Silver Denarius "Minerva, Thunderbolt & Shield" RIC 763 VF Old Tone335.85 USD2017-10-22 03:12:04
Domitian Sestertius "Emperor Clasping Hands General Agricola" 85 AD RIC 359 Rare8399.5 USD2017-11-02 16:20:15
AR silver Denarius of Emperor Domitian, Struck as Caesar 76-77 AD CC648069.99 USD2017-10-30 14:58:39
AE As of Roman Emperor Domitian, SALVTI AVGVST very scarce CC8169149.99 USD2017-11-05 16:05:37
Domitian AE Quadrans "Rhinoceros Charging & SC" RIC 250 Scarce Rhino gVF274.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:52
AE As of Roman Emperor Domitian Moneta Reverse CC809739.99 USD2017-10-18 18:28:42
Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Domitian, Minerva reverse CC817189.99 USD2017-11-06 16:27:52
Domitian Silver Quinarius "Herald, Shield" Rome 88 AD Secular Games RIC 599 Rare223.85 USD2017-11-02 16:20:16
AE AS. DOMITIAN, 81-96 AD. MONETA REVERSE. 29.0 USD2017-11-14 15:47:55
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 81AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i64478750.0 USD2017-11-13 00:14:11
DOMITIAN, Roman Coin, 81 AD - 96 AD, 10.4 gm 27 mm,SC,LAST of the TWELVE CAESARS115.0 USD2017-11-03 09:02:44
Domitian Caesar Silver Denarius "Dolpin Atop Tripod" Rome 81 AD RIC 74 VF Scarce559.85 USD2017-10-22 03:12:05
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 81AD Silver Ancient Roman Coin Altar i53196114.75 USD2017-11-10 00:55:11
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53285141.75 USD2017-11-03 14:14:59
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53277141.75 USD2017-11-03 14:18:59
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva i53311175.5 USD2017-10-26 22:08:38
DOMITIAN with Judaea Herodian King AGRIPPA II 85AD Ancient Roman Coin i64020890.19 USD2017-10-30 17:22:18
Domitian Silver Denarius "Minerva Brandishing Spear" 89 AD RIC 685 Choice VF279.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:33
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Salus Health Cult i39695177.6 USD2017-11-05 21:51:27
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Cult i53288121.5 USD2017-11-03 14:13:16
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian 94AD Rome Silver Ancient Roman Coin Minerva OWL i64502650.0 USD2017-11-13 23:06:12
DOMITIAN son of Vespasian Silver Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Cult i53292121.5 USD2017-11-03 14:11:18
Domitian 80AD Large Ancient Roman Coin Athena Minerva Wisdom Magic i3076836.99 USD2017-10-23 20:15:10
Domitian 87AD Large Ancient Roman Coin Fortuna Luck Wealth symbol i4878967.5 USD2017-11-07 18:56:41
Domitian 92AD Large Ancient Roman Coin Moneta Funds protectress i4795267.5 USD2017-11-12 08:28:10
Domitian Sacrifices before Temple Music Players Saecular Games Roman Coin i54385189.0 USD2017-11-07 04:36:25
DOMITIAN 92AD Ancient Roman Coin MONETA Funds protectress Wealth Symbol i25178183.06 USD2017-11-10 01:22:54
DOMITIAN. AE AS, ROME 92-94 AD. MONETA REVERSE.24.0 USD2017-10-18 15:54:43
DOMITIAN. AE AS, 81-96 AD. FORTUNA REVERSE.29.0 USD2017-10-19 16:39:03
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