Roman Emperor : Coins of Galba

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
*Tater* Roman Imperial ae AS Coin of Galba LIBERTAS 26.0 USD52017-10-25 00:05:26
Galba 68-69 AD rare last issue AE As standards set on prows195.0 USD2017-10-23 00:57:32
Galba AE As "Vesta Seated, Palladium" Rome 68-69 AD RIC 306 Year Four Emperors 559.85 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Galba AE Sestertius "Victory, Palladium & Palm" 68-69 AD RIC 456 About VF2749.5 USD2017-10-28 18:36:53
Galba Sestertius "Bust Left & Concordia Seated" Rome 68-69 AD RIC 340 Very Rare1959.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:31
Galba AE Sestertius 68-69 AD "Libertas, Pileus & Rod" RIC 388 Year Four Emperors895.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:05
Galba AR Denarius "Hispania, Javelins & Corn / Emperor Horseback" 68 AD Rare EF5500.0 USD2017-10-26 15:01:11
Galba Supporter VINDEX SPAIN Roman Civil War vs NERO 68AD Silver Coin NGC i612046075.0 USD2017-10-27 22:44:27
Galba 68AD Big Sestertius Rare Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath i41930270.0 USD2017-10-23 16:07:16
GALBA 68AD Sestertius NGC Certified XF Rare Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i6051011475.0 USD2017-10-28 19:19:13
Galba. AD 68-69. AR Denarius SPQR149.0 USD2017-11-15 20:43:22
Roman Empire, Galba, AD 68-69, AE Sestertius, NGC Ch F, Strike: 4/5,Surface: 4/51150.0 USD2017-10-27 21:46:35
Galba, AD 68-69 ROMAN EMPIRE AR Quinarius NGC XF451744.0 USD2017-10-27 20:18:26
Syria Antioch Galba AR Tetradrachm AD 68 NGC Ch F Fine Style Rare890.0 USD2017-10-19 19:24:41
Roman Empire Galba AD 68-69 AR Denarius rv Salus at altar NGC Ch XF 4/5 2/53300.0 USD2017-10-30 19:29:39
Galba. AD 68-69. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.08 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck circa July AD595.0 USD2017-11-10 19:20:50
Galba 68-69 AD. Roman Imperial 27mm. Antioch 77.0 USD2017-11-04 16:03:12
Galba, 68 - 69 AD, Rare Remissa Quadragesima Sestertius2500.0 USD2017-11-11 21:57:10
Galba 68-69 AD Rome Roman Empire Silver Denarius AR NGC CH VF 3x4 #01037118b1995.0 USD2017-10-20 16:00:57
ROMAN IMP Galba July 68AD-Jan 69AD AR Denarius NGC Ch XF 5/5 4/5 Fab portrait3518.0 USD2017-10-22 16:16:02
*Foro* Galba 68-69 AD Denarius SPQR - Nice Details NGC637.5 USD2017-10-22 22:25:15
A Very Rare Denarius of Galba Minted 68-69 AD360.0 USD2017-10-25 18:21:32
Ancient Roman Galba AS, Bust-Left. Very Rare!500.0 USD2017-10-20 21:42:47
ANCIENT ROMAN Galba 68-69AD AE Sestertius Rome issued 68AD . S-2118499.99 USD2017-10-23 05:16:58
ANCIENT ROME Galba 68-69AD AR Denarius. Narbo May-June 68AD. S-2100599.99 USD2017-10-23 05:56:17
*AET* GALBA AR Denarius. EF-. DIVA AVGVSTA. Very Scarce and Precious!900.0 USD2017-11-03 12:10:13
*AET* GALBA AR Denarius. VF+/VF. DIVA AVGVSTA.640.0 USD2017-11-03 15:26:07
ZC21, Roman, Galba (68-69 AD), AR Denarius (3.56g) Narbo, Concordia, NGC AU star3759.2 USD2017-11-10 18:41:25
Roman Imperial, Galba AE As345.0 USD2017-11-08 23:57:22
[#505860] Galba, Tetradrachm, Alexandria, Dated Year 1, VF(30-35), Billon455.0 USD2017-10-29 13:29:51
[#61674] Galba, Sestertius, Roma, VF(30-35), Copper, Cohen #298, 13.50650.0 USD2017-11-06 05:03:33
*RARE Ancient Roman Tetradrachm Emperor Galba YEAR 2 - 68-69AD - Eutheria Star219.99 USD2017-11-13 17:51:43
*Prados* Galba AE Sestertius - SPQR OB CS - 34 mm / 24,7 gr.425.0 USD2017-10-19 07:05:58
*Prados* Galba AE As - Rome - LIBERTAS PVBLICA SC.76.0 USD2017-10-26 16:10:53
*Prados* Galba AR denarius. ROMA VICTRIX.270.0 USD2017-11-04 06:02:41
*Prados* Galba AR denarius. ROMA VICTRIX.360.0 USD2017-11-07 03:57:51
Rare Ancient Roman Imperial Galba Caesar AR Silver Denarius Coin640.0 USD2017-11-10 10:26:49
BIG Sestertius GALBA Rare Roman Coin Museum C.30.0 USD2017-11-11 19:28:37
Galba Ancient Roman Empire30.99 USD2017-10-23 06:11:59
ANCIENT ROME Galba 68-69AD AR Denarius. Narbo May-June 68AD. S-2100599.99 USD02017-10-24 07:50:52
ANCIENT ROMAN Galba 68-69AD AE Sestertius Rome issued 68AD . S-2118499.99 USD02017-10-24 07:10:22
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