Roman Emperor : Coins of Jovian

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Rare original ancient Roman coin 363 AD Emperor Jovian Laurel victory Wreath SIS9.95 USD12017-12-19 02:50:06
Jovian 363-364 AD AE Centenionalis Sirmium Mint Roman Coin RIC.118130.0 USD2017-12-28 00:24:44
Jovian w Victory 363AD Very Rare Large AE1 Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i36494115.51 USD2017-12-20 02:22:11
Jovian 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath of success Very rare i51155290.0 USD2018-01-12 18:33:38
JOVIAN 363AD Sirmium Wreath Authentic Genuine Original Ancient Roman Coin i63282260.0 USD2018-01-08 22:11:34
JOVIAN w Victory & labarum 363AD Large AE1 Ancient Roman Coin Christ i12359240.0 USD2018-01-02 11:25:52
JOVIAN 363AD AE1 Large Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Chi-Rho Labarum NGC i598461300.0 USD2017-12-29 22:29:33
JOVIAN 363AD Rare Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin WREATH i27405244.4 USD2017-12-19 06:02:36
JOVIAN Rare Large AE1 363AD Constantinople Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i65553558.8 USD2017-12-20 04:49:54
JOVIAN 363AD Constantinople RARE AE1 HUGE Quality Ancient Roman Coin i29391600.35 USD2018-01-05 06:51:00
Jovian w Victory 363AD Very Rare HUGE AE1 Authentic Ancient Roman i32132230.8 USD2017-12-20 21:55:16
JOVIAN 363AD Very Rare Silvered Ancient Roman Coin WREATH i18810160.0 USD2018-01-06 20:19:55
JOVIAN 363AD Scarce Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i22050 Very Nice!!!140.0 USD2018-01-04 07:09:43
Jovian 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath of success Very rare i55743100.0 USD2018-01-16 13:38:59
JOVIAN 363AD Rare Authentic Ancient Genuine Roman Coin WREATH i23003125.2 USD2018-01-12 19:42:06
Jovian 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath of success Very rare i55074100.0 USD2018-01-08 18:14:40
JOVIAN 363AD Rare Genuine Ancient Roman Coin WREATH of success i37518103.55 USD2018-01-16 16:33:45
Jovian 363AD Rare Authentic Ancient Roman Wreath i27438115.2 USD2018-01-11 20:40:52
JOVIAN 363AD Rare Aquileia Genuine Ancient Roman Coin WREATH i2631780.0 USD2018-01-13 18:53:54
Jovian 363AD Ancient Roman Coin Wreath of success Very rare i3757559.95 USD2017-12-19 21:22:10
JOVIAN 363AD Rare Genuine Ancient Roman Coin WREATH of success i2214360.0 USD2017-12-28 03:57:33
JOVIAN 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin WREATH i2306097.2 USD2018-01-12 02:41:35
Jovian 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath of success Very rare i4041350.0 USD2017-12-26 20:10:10
Jovian 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath of success Rare i6573650.0 USD2018-01-04 18:19:21
JOVIAN 363AD Very Rare Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin WREATH i2996151.2 USD2018-01-17 13:14:53
Jovian 363AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath i3164058.4 USD2018-01-04 02:11:21
Jovian AE3 "VOT V MVLT X in Wreath" Heraclea 363-364 AD RIC 110 Choice EF175.6 USD2017-12-19 23:15:29
Jovian AE1 "VICTORIAE ROMANORVM Victory of Rome" RIC 235 Thessalonica LARGE VF134.93 USD2018-01-02 04:28:34
Jovian AE 27 mm100.0 USD2017-12-28 05:25:37
Jovian AE3 "VOT V in Wreath, HERACA Exergue" Heraclea Mint RIC 108 Good VF53.6 USD2018-01-09 04:04:35
Jovian - AE 1 87.0 USD2018-01-09 09:02:19
Jovian 363-364 AD AE3 " VOTV/MVTX " Wreath55.0 USD2017-12-26 10:51:55
Ancient Roman Empire "Jovian" 363-364 AD.. AE3 20mm .. Rome Mint.. VERY RARE !!!95.0 USD2017-12-21 23:17:55
JOVIAN 363 - 364 A.D. ANICENT COIN39.0 USD2017-12-22 16:21:09
AE 3. JOVIAN, 363-364 AD. WREATH REVERSE.29.0 USD2018-01-11 21:17:21
Roman coin of Jovian.16.99 USD2017-12-25 19:47:45
JOVIAN. AD 363-364 (8 months). AE 3 Sirmium. VOT V MULT X. Deep emerald patina.39.0 USD2018-01-06 19:09:34
ROMAN COINS LOT. GALLIENUS, VALERIAN I, JOVIAN, MANUEL 1st Comnenus..40.0 USD2017-12-24 18:42:35
363-364 AD Roman Jovian "Holding Globe & Labarum" Antioch SCARCE Ancient Coin26.1 USD2018-01-03 20:05:06
Jovian, AE3 VOT V MVLT X, 363-364 AD, Sirmium mint25.0 USD2018-01-06 18:38:03
+ 363-364 AD JOVIAN Bronze AE of Heraclea, Laurel Wreath - 20mm; 3.6g47.16 USD2017-12-31 04:23:37
Ancient Rome Jovian AD 363-4 AE 3-Nice89.99 USD2018-01-01 01:18:11
TMM* 263-64 AD Roman Imperial AE 3 / Jovian EF approx 19 MM bronze79.99 USD2018-01-15 23:57:06
Ancient Rome Jovian AD 363-4 AE 3-#249.99 USD2018-01-01 01:30:50
Jovian, AD 363-364, AE 335.0 USD2018-01-17 07:35:43
Jovian AE3, 20mm, Siscia. 363-364 AD29.99 USD2018-01-16 02:52:21
JOVIAN AND WREATH34.2 USD2018-01-04 00:37:06
Jovian 363 -364 AD, AE3 Heraclea RIC VIII 111 (Rare)36.0 USD2017-12-20 19:44:24
ZURQIEH -aa3825- JOVIAN AE 1 100.0 USD2017-12-22 18:57:26
ZURQIEH -aa4053- JOVIAN AE 1 Ancient Coins - JOVIAN AE 1 55.0 USD2017-12-21 14:23:22
*AET* JOVIAN AE1 (Double Maiorina). VF+/VF. Constantinopolis. VICTORIA ROMANORVM290.0 USD2017-12-29 17:55:59
*Lucernae* Jovian AE20 (363-364). Rome VRB·ROM·T. VOT V MVLT X. RIC 333. Scarce!250.0 USD2018-01-16 12:19:17
*Lucernae* Scarce Jovian double maiorina. Thessalonica TESA. VICTORIAE ROMANORVM270.0 USD2017-12-25 15:12:55
Roman Imperial, Jovian AE1220.0 USD2017-12-22 20:42:22
Jovian AE3 / VOT X MVLT X within Wreath100.0 USD2017-12-29 16:09:51
Jovian, 363-364 AD.Thessalonica,Ae.Double Maiorina.200.0 USD2017-12-26 20:52:27
*Lucernae* Scarce Jovian AE20. Thessalonica, TESA. VOT V MVLT X. RIC.239.30.0 USD2017-12-25 10:11:00
[#506891] Jovian, Double Maiorina, Antioch, VF(30-35), Bronze, RIC:228123.5 USD2017-12-28 14:31:04
[#500630] Jovian, Nummus, Sirmium, AU(55-58), Bronze, RIC:11865.0 USD2018-01-16 16:25:06
JOVIAN Maiorina ou nummus, (PB, Æ 3) 363-364AD R1 Mint Heraclee RIC.108  aEF70.9 USD2018-01-13 00:40:48
[#402062] Jovian (363-364), Maiorina, Siscia, RIC 426a39.0 USD2017-12-29 16:41:21
Jovian, 363-364 AD.Ae.Centenionalis.35.0 USD2018-01-04 12:09:49
Jovian AE3 Sirmium9.99 USD2017-12-28 17:43:05
Jovian AE3 Sirmium18.0 USD2017-12-19 18:43:30
Rare JOVIAN 363-364 AD, Ancient Roman Follis, VOT V, BSISC39.5 USD2018-01-14 22:40:16
Jovian 363 AD authentic ancient bronze Roman coin Wreath #(B153)19.99 USD2017-12-25 19:55:38
Jovian Sirmium Roman Imperial Coin18.0 USD2018-01-15 18:14:23
JOVIAN AE3 VOT V MVLT X 363-364 AD Sirmium mint18.5 USD2018-01-04 00:58:39
JOVIAN Ae3 , 363-364 AD RARE29.0 USD2017-12-25 21:05:59
Roman Empire Coin. Emperor Jovian 363-36429.99 USD2017-12-30 16:15:20
Jovian Roman Imperial Ancient Authentic Original AE coin #B0448.99 USD2017-12-23 20:52:27
JOVIAN old ancient roman empire coin AE 3. №28439.0 USD02017-12-25 06:30:53
Jovian 363-364 AD AE3 "Vot in Wreath" Ancient Roman Coin14.0 USD02017-12-20 23:48:01
Jovian Centenionalis Sirmium 363-364 VOT V MVLT X Iovianus16.5 USD02017-12-27 16:18:45
2 jovian chronicles books advanced rules and background , enter the saga of...15.0 USD12017-12-20 08:50:23
Roman Empire Jovian Centenionalis Bronze Coin 363-364 AD16.74 USD2018-01-15 00:18:17
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