Roman Emperor : Coins of Nero

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Nero Roman Coin29.99 USD2018-01-15 17:26:25
Fouree Nero Denarius 64-65 AD. Concordia, New From Dec 2017 Roma UK Auction 41!1.5 USD22017-12-22 05:19:50
Nero Portrait AR Denarius NGC VF Strike 5/5 Temple of Vesta on Reverse525.0 USD2018-01-14 19:58:36
Authentic Roman Provincial coin AE20 of Emperor Nero NGC F 70023.25 USD32017-12-27 02:30:57
LYDIA. Thyateira. Magnificent Nero/Axe in Desert Green Patina. Rare Greek coin. 11.5 USD62017-12-27 00:40:00
NERO 65AD Antioch on the Orontes in Seleukis Pieria Ancient Roman Coin i60716318.8 USD2018-01-08 22:20:34
Nero Claudius Drusus AR Denarius, silver, Rome, GERMANICUS2000.0 USD02017-12-18 22:10:09
NERO 65AD Antioch on the Orontes in Seleukis Pieria Ancient Roman Coin i58046260.0 USD2018-01-06 19:23:45
M2562 Nero AE Dupondius. AD 64.25.99 USD02017-12-24 20:19:47
NERO closes Doors to TEMPLE of JANUS for PEACE 65AD Ancient Roman Coin i45567260.0 USD2018-01-12 14:01:37
NERO 65AD Antioch on the Orontes in Seleukis Pieria Ancient Roman Coin i58043380.0 USD2018-01-06 01:59:46
ANCIENT ROMAN Auth. 2 coin$: NERO 54 - 68 AD.TEMPLE of JANUS. and 2 LEGION coin49.99 USD02017-12-18 06:12:00
As of NERO Rv. Victory flying left10.51 USD52017-12-22 02:00:58
NERO 65AD Rome Quadrans Authentic Ancient Roman Coin HELMET SHIELD COLUMN i65524218.8 USD2017-12-19 21:25:02
Roman Imperial Emperor Nero Colossus Statue Denarius coin Rome Roma gift coins13.99 USD2017-12-30 20:36:38
As of NERO Rv. Victory flying left3.75 USD42017-12-19 01:29:56
NERO 63AD Rome Authentic Ancient Roman Quadrans Coin w OWL ALTAR Branch i65545398.8 USD2017-12-20 03:54:32
NERO, AS, ROME, VICTORY10.5 USD32017-12-24 00:39:44
Roman Provincial AE20 of Emperor Nero, Pamphylia Side NGC Ch VF 0005229.99 USD2018-01-04 17:41:52
Galba Supporter VINDEX SPAIN Roman Civil War vs NERO 68AD Silver Coin NGC i612049000.0 USD2017-12-26 22:44:27
Nero; Rome, 64-5 AD, AR Denarius, Rome, silver ancient roman coin, VESTA31.0 USD112017-12-19 22:27:08
Roman Provincial AE18 of Emperor Nero, Thyatira Lydia NGC VF 9010224.99 USD2017-12-25 19:17:41
CIVIL WAR after NERO 68AD Gaul Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin NGC i60108600.0 USD2018-01-11 04:14:10
NERO ROME AS / Ancient Roman Coin45.0 USD2017-12-18 23:29:09
Nero AE Quadrans "Owl Atop Altar & Olive Branch, SC" 65 AD RIC 320 Rare nEF263.6 USD2018-01-02 04:30:16
NERO 68AD Rome Jupiter Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Denarius Coin NGC i59917940.0 USD2018-01-01 03:27:21
Tiberius for Nero Drusus AR Denarius, silver, Rome, 41-45 AD, ancient roman coin35.0 USD82017-12-19 22:08:15
Nero. Æ Sestertius, Lugdunum, AD 65, rare ancient roman coin56.0 USD142017-12-20 22:37:13
NERO 64AD Balkan Possibly Perinthus EAGLE GLOBE Ancient Roman Coin RARE i57581380.0 USD2017-12-29 19:51:07
Nero Quadrans "Owl on Altar & Olive Branch" Rome 64 AD RIC 260 Very Fine223.6 USD2017-12-26 03:59:29
Nero (AD 54-68), with Agrippina Junior, AR Denarius, silver ancient roman43.0 USD92017-12-19 23:05:39
NERO 64AD Rome Jupiter Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Denarius Coin NGC i59886740.0 USD2017-12-31 05:12:24
Germanicus Posthumous AE As "Quadriga & Salute, NCAPR Nero Countermark" Rare307.6 USD2017-12-22 19:30:08
Ancient Roman Nero AD 54-68 Sestertius (#12) NGC VG. Carefully Check 360.0 USD2018-01-01 17:58:08
Nero AE As "Bust Left & Temple of Janus Left" Rome 64-68 AD RIC 310 Scarce gF263.6 USD2017-12-26 04:04:49
Ancient Syria, Antioch Nero AD 54-68 Tetradrachm (#108). NGC Choice VF. 400.0 USD2018-01-07 18:30:19
Nero, AD 54-68 ROMAN EMPIRE AE As NGC VF30299.75 USD2018-01-16 13:32:47
ANCIENT ROMAN BRONZE AS OF EMPEROR NERO (54-68), RARE9.99 USD12017-12-19 15:56:45
NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS 50AD SESTERTIUS Authentic Ancient Roman Coin NGC i65067838.8 USD2017-12-28 19:49:10
NERO. AE QUADRANS, 54-68 AD. TABLE REVERSE.265.0 USD2017-12-30 17:21:19
NERO 65AD Rome Genuine Original Authentic Ancient Roman Coin VICTORY i64445520.0 USD2018-01-08 22:07:03
Roman Empire Nero, AD 54-68 NGC VG ***Rev Tye's Stache*** #8010176220.89 USD2018-01-06 19:45:57
Ancient Roman Nero AD 54-68 Sestertius (#107) NGC VF. Strike 4/5 & Surface 3/5.900.0 USD2018-01-02 16:37:29
*AUGUSTA* NERO AE DUPONDIUS Lyons mint 67AD Extremely Fine RRR59.99 USD02017-12-24 17:54:27
Roman Imperial AE Sestertius Nero Claudius Drusus (issued by Claudius) AD 41-2220.0 USD2018-01-02 16:31:02
ANTONIA wife NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS 41AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i53849500.0 USD2017-12-18 09:01:41
Roman Imperial Dupondius Nero Rv. VICTORIA AVGVSTI - Lyon Mint AD 66 (18.37gr !)300.0 USD2017-12-29 22:12:06
NERO Original 65AD Rome VICTORY Authentic Ancient NGC Certified Coin i60251740.0 USD2017-12-23 19:29:19
ANCIENT Roman COIN POSTER The 12 CAESARS Claudius, Nero, Titus, Domitian, Otho 7.99 USD2018-01-08 14:49:56
NERO 65AD Rome Genuine Original Authentic Ancient Roman Coin VICTORY i63975398.8 USD2017-12-26 21:56:11
NERO Genuine 66AD Dupondius Lugdunum Authentic Ancient Roman Coin VICTORY i65826518.8 USD2017-12-29 22:31:40
DIANA 2 Horse Chariot Claudia 6 Claudius Nero Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin245.65 USD2017-12-18 03:13:56
NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS 50AD Rome SESTERTIUS Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i606901400.0 USD2018-01-08 16:09:49
54-68 AD, ROMAN, PROVINCIAL SYRIA, NERO, AE22MM, 14.28 Grams, F15 ANACS399.0 USD2017-12-23 02:26:10
54-68 Roman Imperial AE As VF Nero Victory SPQR SC Rome Copper Coin S-1976315.0 USD2018-01-15 20:05:39
Nero with Agrippina Junior AR Denarius , silver, Rome, ancient roman coin42.0 USD52017-12-26 03:35:27
Roman Imperial Nero AD 54-68. Æ Sestertius Roma Rev1950.0 USD2017-12-20 15:09:32
NERO 64AD Rome MARS GOD OF WAR Authentic Silver Roman Denarius Coin FRAMED lot225.0 USD2017-12-23 12:42:05
Roman Provincial AE20 of Emperor Nero, Authentic Roman Coin NGC AU399.99 USD2017-12-20 03:23:28
AE Dupondius of Roman Imperor Nero, NGC Ch VF 9013449.99 USD2017-12-29 12:44:22
REDUCED!!!! ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE! NERO, AD 54-68 ROME MINT NGC Ch VF349.0 USD2018-01-04 17:45:39
NERO w LYRE "FIDDLES WHILE ROME BURNS" Countermark Ancient Roman Coin NGC i65068140.0 USD2017-12-28 19:55:20
NGC Ch.XF Cappadocia, Caesarea Nero AD 54-68 AR Hemidrachm Rev Victory Std Globe750.0 USD2018-01-15 00:11:57
Nero AE Sestertius "Roma Seated on Arms" Rome RIC 275 VF LARGE Authentic Roman1801.02 USD2017-12-26 04:00:06
Nero AR silver tetradrachm AD c.65-66 Alexandria in elephant headdress 20% off!245.0 USD2018-01-12 15:44:41
NERO Genuine 65AD Rome Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JANUS Temple of Peace i65866118.8 USD2018-01-07 18:38:25
Nero Sestertius "Roma Seated on Arms" Rome RIC 336 Very Rare Obverse Legend gVF9027.11 USD2017-12-26 04:00:06
Nero Claudius Drusus D. 9 BC AE Sestertius Under Claudius 42-43 BC185.0 USD2017-12-24 18:00:55
NERO 64AD RARE Authentic Ancient Roman Coin APOLLO i52730170.0 USD2018-01-11 23:45:12
Nero AE Sestertius "ANNONA AVGVSTI CERES Annona, Stern & Ceres" RIC 99 Rare 395.6 USD2018-01-07 02:24:58
Nero, AD 54-68 ROMAN EMPIRE AE As NGC XF45 Star Fine Style1907.5 USD2017-12-26 20:18:38
54-68 A. D. Nero Alexandria Elephant Hide Headdress Roman Billon Tetradrachm197.91 USD2017-12-29 16:26:19
Egypt, Alexandria Nero, AD 54-68 BI Tetradrachm (13.99g) Ch F NGC Ancients169.0 USD2018-01-02 14:32:24
Nero AE Semis "Table, Two Gryphons, Urn, Wreath, Shield" RIC 242 Very Rare VF880.0 USD2018-01-02 18:52:13
Egypt, Alexandria Nero, AD 54-68 BI Tetradrachm Ch VF NGC Ancients 299.0 USD2017-12-31 20:59:09
Nero Denarius 65-66 AD. 18mm 3.0g. RIC I 60.159.0 USD2017-12-19 22:33:11
Nero 30mm AE As "Victory, SPQR Shield" Rome 66AD RIC 544 VF Tyrannical Emperor447.88 USD2018-01-02 04:29:21
Nero and AgrippinaJr. tetradrachm325.0 USD2017-12-28 22:48:20
Syria, Antioch Nero, AD 54-68 AE22 (8.89g) VF NGC Ancients129.0 USD2018-01-02 14:32:44
Nero Sestertius Circa 64-68 AD "Temple of Janus, Time" RIC 323 Scarce About EF7919.6 USD2017-12-26 04:00:05
Nero Sestertius "DECVRSIO Nero on Horseback, Soldier" Rome 64 AD RIC 172 Fine447.88 USD2018-01-02 04:29:16
Ancient Roman Nero Sestertius Decvrsio Decursio Bronze Copper Horse Coin Paduan199.95 USD2018-01-16 03:16:54
Roman Provincial AE16 of Emperor Nero, Tralles Lydia Scarce issue CC699389.99 USD2018-01-04 12:39:01
Nero AE Sestertius "Bust Left & Roma Seated on Cuirass" Rome RIC 274 64-68 AD439.6 USD2018-01-02 04:29:19
Nero Brass Dupondius "VICTORIA AVGVSTI Victory" Rome 66 AD RIC 523 Good VF671.88 USD2018-01-07 02:25:01
AC#C0P Ancient Roman Claudius Ti. f. Ap. n. Nero AR Coin 79 BC 4.01g 18mm210.0 USD2018-01-01 01:17:18
Nero AE As "Victory Flying, SPQR Shield" Rome RIC 312 nVF Authentic LARGE157.5 USD2018-01-02 04:28:32
Nero AE Sestertius "Decorated Triumphal Arch, Mars Statue" RIC 143 aVF1343.6 USD2018-01-02 04:29:20
54-68 AD Roman Empire Nero AE Quadrans NGC VF165.94 USD2018-01-13 16:08:47
Syria, Antioch Nero AR Tetradrachm AD 64 rv eagle on fulmen NGC VF 4/5 3/5350.0 USD2017-12-27 21:24:45
Ancient Roman Empire Silver Denarius, Emperor Nero, Jopiter Reverse (67 A.D.)248.0 USD2018-01-03 03:02:28
Syria Antioch Nero AR Tetradrachm AD 64 rv eagle NGC Ch XF 5/5 3/5595.0 USD2017-12-18 19:20:53
Nero 54-68 AD Roman Egypt Billon Tetradrachm Bust of Serapis159.0 USD2018-01-11 19:54:58
Syria Antioch Nero AD 54 AR Tetradrachm rv eagle on fulmen NGC Ch VF STAR 4/5695.0 USD2017-12-27 21:24:45
Syria Antioch Nero AD 54 AR Tetradrachm rv eagle on fulmen NGC Ch VF 5/5 4/5650.0 USD2017-12-27 21:24:46
NERO. AE AS, 54-68 AD. TEMPLE OF JANUS REVERSE.179.0 USD2017-12-21 18:40:36
Roman, Nero, 54-68 AD, Sestertius, Temple of Janus, closed doors1300.0 USD2018-01-02 22:05:54
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