Roman Emperor : Coins of Otho

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Augustus Caesar AE as moneyer MS Otho 27BC-14AD 1st Roman Emperor ancient9.99 USD02018-03-25 23:21:54
Roman Empire, Otho, AD 69, AR Denarius, 3.0g, Rome, abt Fine, Light Verdigris258.75 USD02018-03-27 03:00:21
Interesting Scarce OTHO Head Right Denarius! He Ruled Rome for Only a While!295.0 USD2018-03-29 16:30:29
Roman Empire Otho, AD 69 AR Denarius (3.44g) VF* NGC 2150.0 USD2018-04-19 15:54:57
FORVM Finest Known of the Rarest Otho Denarius Type CERES AVG4658.0 USD2018-04-16 22:54:52
Ancient Roman Imperial Denarius Otho Securitas Silver Coin 69 A.D.569.59 USD2018-04-04 18:04:21
Otho. AD 69. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.32 gm). Rome mint. 1020.0 USD2018-04-07 01:34:23
Roman Empire, Otho, AD 69, AR Denarius, Very Fine, Very Rare895.0 USD2018-04-20 00:21:25
ZURQIEH -as1617- The rarest of all Roman denarii of the first century AD: Otho 4900.0 USD2018-04-06 15:53:08
OTHO Emperor Rome 1800s Old Roman Antique Art Print 1800s Engraving14.0 USD2018-04-12 01:27:13
OTHO TETRADRACHM, SCARCE , ANTIOCH, 69 A.D950.0 USD2018-03-24 16:35:40
Roman Otho AR Denariu 69 AD100.0 USD02018-03-26 14:57:41
Medaille, ancient Rom, Emperor Otho, 124/500144.9 USD2018-04-07 05:24:46
Twelve Caesars Ancient Rome Julius Tiberius Claudius Nero Augustus Caligula Otho17.99 USD2018-04-19 07:04:47
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