Roman Emperor : Coins of Probus

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Lot of 9 Higher Quality Ancient Roman Coins; Probus...; 33.7 Grams!41.0 USD252018-03-26 00:36:37
276-282 A.D. PROBUS BRONZE ROMAN COIN - SEABY 3264 - HIGH GRADE14.99 USD12018-03-25 20:19:39
NGC CH AU.Probus Minerva. Second Known⭐ + Uncirculated .Very Rare Roman Denarius63.0 USD142018-03-25 23:12:08
Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #15138.99 USD2018-04-18 21:56:16
NGC Mint State 5/5-3/5. Probus. Silvered Antoninianus. Magnificent Roman Coin.0.99 USD12018-03-31 00:51:46
Probus AE Antoninianus25.0 USD2018-04-04 02:13:45
NGC CH AU.Probus Mars The Avenger. Fully Silvered Roman Denarius. Rare as such42.0 USD62018-03-25 23:10:07
Probus Billon Aurelianianus Ancient Roman Empire Silver Coin VF NGC AD 276-28216.6 USD112018-03-24 18:02:07
Probus AE Antoninianus Restitut Orbis - Ancient Roman Coin20.0 USD2018-04-05 19:29:35
Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #15223.49 USD2018-04-18 21:56:05
Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #67631.99 USD2018-04-18 21:55:54
Roman Bronze Antoninianus of the Emperor Probus (276-282) (#6095)15.0 USD02018-03-23 22:49:15
Roman coin of Probus.14.99 USD2018-04-20 00:55:47
Lot of 9 Quality Ancient Roman Coins; Carus, Carinus, Probus...; 29.6 Grams!10.99 USD22018-03-26 00:34:04
Ancient ROMAN COIN COLLECTION 253 AD lot Julian Constantine Gallienus Probus3.0 USD52018-03-23 22:44:04
Probus - Silvered Antoninianus - Clementia Temp -276-282 A.D. High Grade Details8.0 USD02018-03-26 00:06:46
HIGH QUALITY 22mm Antoninianus of Famous Military Roman Emperor Probus "Orbis"6.77 USD42018-03-23 21:00:10
Probus AE Antoninianus Clementia - Ancient Roman Coin16.0 USD2018-03-27 07:57:31
Probus Silvered Antoninianus 277 AD, Siscia mint, Probus with military standards24.95 USD2018-03-24 22:19:36
ROMAN EMPIRE, PROBUS (AD276-282), BI ANTONINIANUS, RIC 157, NGC MS 4/5 SILVERING143.95 USD2018-04-09 01:22:56
Silvered Antoninianus of Roman Emperor Probus, Felicitas reverse NGC MS 5014139.99 USD2018-03-22 17:24:16
Probus. Silvered Antoninianus circa 278 AD. Ancient Roman Coin.74.99 USD02018-03-21 21:54:55
Roman Bronze Antoninianus of the Emperor Probus (276-282) (#5044)30.0 USD02018-03-23 22:48:58
Genuine Roman Genuine Roman Coin Probus 276-283AD Billon RESITITVT ORBIS7.95 USD02018-03-26 23:39:23
Roman Bronze Antoninianus of the Emperor Probus (276-282) (#2622)30.0 USD02018-03-23 22:49:02
Roman coin of Probus silvered.7.99 USD2018-04-20 01:00:16
Probus Antoninianus - Ancient Roman Coin - Victory over Germanic People - 22MM 4.5 USD2018-04-06 01:05:46
PROBUS. 276-282. ANTONINIANUS. Siscia. Sol in spread quadriga facing.39.0 USD2018-03-25 16:21:51
Ancient Roman Coin - Probus - VIRTVS PROBI - Probus on horseback30.0 USD2018-03-22 23:00:55
Probus (276-282 AD). AE silvered Antoninianus (22 mm, 4.4 g), 2.25 USD32018-03-25 18:59:15
PROBUS. AD 276-282. ANTONINIANUS. Siscia. PAX AUG. Choice!39.0 USD2018-04-13 02:49:54
Roman Imperial Coin of Probus 2.9g 20mm1.25 USD22018-03-22 16:49:48
Roman Bronze Antoninianus of the Emperor Probus (276-282) (#6096)25.0 USD02018-03-23 22:49:11
PROBUS. ANTONINIANUS. Rome. Sol in quadriga to left.29.0 USD2018-03-25 16:21:51
Probus AE Antoninianus40.0 USD2018-04-17 13:50:14
Roman Empire Probus Aurelianianus NGC MS 5/4 ancient silver coin135.0 USD2018-04-02 06:00:19
Probus (276-282 AD). AE silvered Antoninianus (22 mm, 4.42 g), 1.55 USD22018-03-24 21:03:13
042. Roman Bronze Coin. PROBUS. Antoninianus. Rome. Emperor on Horseback. Fine0.99 USD02018-03-26 03:39:58
Probus AE Anoninianus14.0 USD2018-04-01 15:53:01
M2470 Probus Antoninianus, 276-282 AD. Cyzicus.23mm 3.5g9.99 USD02018-03-25 19:15:54
Roman Bronze Antoninianus of the Emperor Probus (276-282) (#3799)20.0 USD02018-03-23 22:49:07
PROBUS. Silvered Antoninianus. Cyzicus. VIRTUS PROBI AUG. Probus Horseback left.69.0 USD2018-03-23 15:39:49
Ancient Coin Roman Imperial Probus 276 AD Antoninianus Beautiful Silvering!!!49.99 USD2018-03-23 16:30:26
MORTOWN Probus Antoninianus Emperor + Concordia CONCORD MILIT UNLISTED!48.0 USD2018-03-24 19:04:35
ROMAN EMPIRE, PROBUS (AD276-282), BI ANTONINIANUS, RIC 905, CH AU SILVERING112.95 USD2018-04-14 23:14:38
ROMAN EMPIRE, PROBUS (AD276-282), BI ANTONINIANUS, RIC 905, CH AU SILVERING112.95 USD2018-04-14 23:14:08
Probus25.0 USD02018-03-22 21:04:44
Probus 276-282 AD Silvered Aurelianianus NGC Graded Mint State Roman Coin160.0 USD2018-03-31 14:21:21
L6 Probus Strahlen Krone Panzerbüste Rs Trophaeum VICTORIA GERM Rare1.25 USD22018-03-24 20:32:38
Probus 276-282 AD Bi Aurelianianus Siscia Mint NGC CH XF Ancient Coin Roman140.0 USD2018-04-09 22:26:01
Probus 276-282 AD Bi Aurelianianus NGC Graded Choice XF105.0 USD2018-04-09 22:15:44
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 277 AD. AE Antoninianus. Emperor on horseback85.5 USD2018-04-14 02:33:33
Authentic Ancient ROMAN COIN temple Roma PROBUS 276 AD-282 AD old antique VG-VF156.0 USD2018-04-06 18:13:45
Authentic Ancient ROMAN COIN sol chariot PROBUS 276 AD-282 AD sun god quadriga132.0 USD2018-04-03 22:03:05
Rome Emperor Probus. AD 276-282 Antoninianus Ancient Roman Bronze Coin19.99 USD2018-04-08 15:02:41
Probus 276 - 282,AE Antoninianus.Rev: SOLIINVICTO (Quadriga).XXIIII Legion18.0 USD02018-03-21 18:41:33
Ancient Roman Probus AD 276-282 Aurelianianus (#48) Silvering NGC AU. 85.0 USD2018-04-09 17:00:05
PROBUS. 276-282. ANTONINIANUS. Rome mint. FIDES MILITUM. Choice.49.0 USD2018-03-23 15:39:47
Roman Empire Probus, AD 276-282 graded XF by NGC! Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5!134.99 USD2018-03-24 15:12:36
Probus AE Antoninianus "Lion Walking, Head of Ox" Dated 278 AD RIC 611 Scarce202.57 USD2018-03-28 05:01:36
Probus AE Ant. "VIRTVS PROBI AVG Spearing Enemy From Horse" Serdica RIC 878276.49 USD2018-03-28 05:01:37
Probus Antoninianus "ORIGINI AVG She Wolf, Romulus & Remus" RIC 703 Rare aEF314.77 USD2018-03-28 05:01:40
Probus AE Antoninianus "CONSERVAT AVG Spear & Sol Q" Siscia RIC 672 Near EF Rare314.77 USD2018-03-31 17:04:15
EF Probus AE Ant "Horseback Figure on Shoulder / Emperor on Horse" RIC 913184.6 USD2018-04-12 05:41:28
Probus Antoninianus "VIRTVS PROBI INVICTI AVG / Pax" Ticinum RIC 518 Scarce gVF269.89 USD2018-03-28 05:00:24
Probus Antoninianus "FIDES MILIT Fides, Transverse Scepter" RIC 151 Var Scarce180.54 USD2018-04-03 19:18:51
Probus Silvered Antoninianus "VIRTVS AVG Spear & Globe" Siscia RIC 801 Choice EF314.77 USD2018-03-23 02:59:15
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-277 AD. AE Antoninianus67.5 USD2018-04-04 21:15:35
Probus AE Antoninianus "VIRTVS PROBI Heroic Bust / Jupiter" RIC 388 Rare161.67 USD2018-03-28 05:01:41
Probus Silvered Ant. "Heroic Bust & Concordia" Ticinum RIC 533 Rare EF735.01 USD2018-04-12 05:41:26
Probus AE Ant. "Consular Bust & Salus Feeding Serpent" Ticinum RIC 498 Scarce135.25 USD2018-04-12 05:44:44
Probus Bronze AE Ant. "CONSERVAT AVG Sol" Ticinum RIC 349 VF Authentic Roman115.74 USD2018-03-28 05:01:37
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-277 AD. AE Silvered Antoninianus58.5 USD2018-04-01 21:08:24
Probus AE Antoninianus "VIRTVS PROBI & Hercules VXXT" Ticinum RIC 383 Rare VF719.1 USD2018-04-08 06:35:11
Probus AE As "Virtus With Shield Spear" 26mm 7.08g Exceedingly Rare Denomination2763.25 USD2018-04-03 19:16:24
Probus AE Antoninianus "ROMAE AETER Roma in Temple, Crescent" RIC 185 EF135.66 USD2018-04-07 19:31:47
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-277 AD. AE Antoninianus58.5 USD2018-04-06 04:34:00
Probus AE Antoninianus "FIDES MILITVM Fides" Lugdnunum RIC 29 Choice Good EF180.13 USD2018-03-30 00:03:17
Probus Antoninianus "RESTITVT ORBIS Orbis Terrarum" Antioch RIC 925 Choice EF135.25 USD2018-03-28 05:01:33
Probus AE Antoninianus "ROMAE AETER Consular Bust & Hexastyle Temple" Rome gVF157.69 USD2018-03-31 17:04:15
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-282 AD. AE Antoninianus49.5 USD2018-04-04 21:35:03
Probus Silvered Antoninianus "AEQVITAS AVG Aequitas" Rome RIC 150 Good VF135.66 USD2018-04-11 06:36:20
Probus: Father Of Modern Europe's Wine Industry Coin Beautiful Box & Certificate84.59 USD2018-03-30 02:49:32
PROBUS 276AD 'VIRTVS' Rare Ancient Roman Coin Mars Ares War God i55524200.0 USD2018-04-07 16:56:22
Probus AE Antonianus120.0 USD2018-04-17 03:41:41
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-277 AD. AE Antoninianus. Mars58.5 USD2018-04-06 04:09:41
Probus Antoninianus "VIRTVS PROBI AVG Heroic Bust & Securitas" Ticinum RIC 526100.98 USD2018-03-23 02:59:17
Probus Silvered Antoninianus "IOVI CONS PROB AVG Jupiter" RIC 173 gVF90.37 USD2018-03-23 02:59:15
PROBUS 277AD Very Rare SISCIA & RIVER GODS Cult Ancient Roman Coin i22893600.0 USD2018-03-27 20:21:55
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-282 AD. AE Antoninianus49.5 USD2018-04-12 21:38:02
Probus 276AD Rare Possibly Unpublished Ancient Roman Coin Mars War God i55122260.0 USD2018-04-07 17:11:19
PROBUS 280AD Quality Silvered Ancient Roman Coin Sol SUN GOD Cult Horse i14652263.11 USD2018-04-19 14:42:16
PROBUS 280AD Serdica mint Ancient Roman Coin SOL Sun Cult Horse Quadriga i52081300.0 USD2018-04-02 03:06:38
Ancient Roman Empire, Probus, 276-282 AD. AE Antoninianus. Quadriga58.5 USD2018-04-12 21:18:13
Probus 280AD Ancient Roman Coin Sol Sun God Cult Horse Quadriga Rare i30289183.11 USD2018-04-19 20:25:53
PROBUS 278AD LION with OX Legion Symbols Rare Original Ancient Roman Coin i55621240.0 USD2018-04-08 04:14:33
PROBUS 276AD 'VIRTVS' Rare Ancient Roman Coin PAX Peace Cult i55544260.0 USD2018-04-12 21:04:26
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