Roman Emperor : Coins of Pupienus

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
PUPIENUS 238AD Rome RARE Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin HANDS NGC i633462024.19 USD2017-11-05 17:58:45
PUPIENUS 238AD Rome SESTERTIUS Authentic Ancient Roman Coin VICTORY NGC i582202632.5 USD2017-11-07 01:47:06
Pupienus - AE Sestertius 30mm, RARE !!!484.0 USD2017-10-21 12:25:26
Pupienus, A.D. 238. AE Sestertius. Rare1549.0 USD2017-10-30 14:43:49
PUPIENUS 238AD Rome Silver Antoninianus Clasped Hands Ancient Roman Coin NGC XF1950.0 USD2017-10-28 03:40:45
PUPIENUS 238AD Rare Rome Denarius Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin PAX NGC1750.0 USD2017-10-21 21:45:23
Gordian III,Caesar under Pupienus and Balbinus: April–July AD 238. Augustus: AD 19.0 USD2017-11-04 19:48:06
PUPIENUS Augustus Roman emperor (238 A.D) silver denarius,EXTREMELY RARE!!590.0 USD2017-10-29 11:48:18
[#508101] Pupienus, Antoninianus, Rome, AU(50-53), Billon, RIC:10a1040.0 USD2017-11-11 13:47:08
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