Roman Emperor : Coins of Trajan

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Emperor Trajan Denarius Roman Silver Coin,NGC Certified VF Circa 98 AD Excellent56.5 USD182017-10-18 00:45:01
ROME - TRAJAN ~ 98-117 AD ~ 1 DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ VF 36.93 USD2017-10-21 18:49:07
Authentic Sestertius of Roman Emperor Trajan, Trajan reverse NGC certified 13.5 USD112017-10-24 01:35:04
Authentic Sestertius of Roman Emperor Trajan Captive reverse NGC certified 17.5 USD182017-10-25 01:30:03
008. Roman Silver Coin. TRAJAN. AR Denarius. Rome. Column of Trajan. Fine24.5 USD62017-10-22 20:12:51
007. Roman Silver Coin. TRAJAN. AR Denarius. Rome. Roma. aVF22.5 USD92017-10-22 20:12:49
Authentic Sestertius of Roman Emperor Trajan, Emperor reverse NGC certified 4.25 USD52017-10-24 01:30:58
*Tater* Roman Imperial ae AS Coin of Trajan VICTORY10.5 USD102017-10-25 00:10:29
Trajan AE As0.99 USD02017-10-22 02:42:14
036. Roman Bronze Coin. TRAJAN. AE-Dupondius. Rome. Abundance. Fine14.5 USD62017-10-22 20:26:51
TRAJAN, 98-117 AD. AE DUPONDIUS, ROME 103-111 AD . VICTORY REVERSE. SCARCE!!!89.0 USD2017-11-09 22:57:14
009. Roman Silver Coin. TRAJAN. AR Denarius. Rome. Victory. aVF/Fine22.5 USD52017-10-22 20:14:23
Trajan Sestertius Rome 103-111AD, Pax standing with foot on Dacian captive rev!84.95 USD2017-10-24 05:57:28
AE Dupondius of Roman Emperor Trajan, 98-117 AD Pax Reverse CC821724.99 USD2017-11-15 18:19:34
Ancient Roman Coin: Trajan (TR-3)24.99 USD02017-10-22 00:05:22
031. Roman Bronze Coin. TRAJAN. AE-As. Rome. Victory. aFine15.55 USD42017-10-22 20:24:49
ROMAN EMPIRE, TRAJAN DECIUS (AD249-251) AR ANTONINIANUS, RIC 12B, NGC MS (4/4)158.95 USD2017-11-13 21:53:29
ROME - TRAJAN ~ 98-117 AD ~ 1 DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ F 23.19 USD2017-10-21 18:00:30
ROMAN GOLD AUREUS EMPEROR TRAJAN, ROMA, 98-117 AD832.0 USD162017-10-22 21:36:14
Trajan Roman Emperor beautiful patina coin4.99 USD02017-10-22 03:14:24
ROMAN coin BRASS SESTERTIUS, TRAJAN (A.D. 98-117) RCV# 3214 var., RIC# 413 var.195.0 USD2017-11-11 21:42:41
TRAJAN DECIUS Silver Antoninianus Roman Coin 249-251 AD. Rev: Victory Advancing42.0 USD2017-11-10 22:10:26
Roman Empire Trajan, AD 98-117 NGC Ch VF ***Rev. Tye's Stache*** #30058196.99 USD02017-10-20 23:08:52
Roman Empire Trajan 98-117 AD AR Denarius RIC 11835.0 USD02017-10-18 20:58:42
Authentic Sestertius of Roman Emperor Trajan, Spearing Enemy Rev. NGC certified 89.99 USD2017-11-15 16:06:30
TRAJAN AE Brass Sestertius Pax enthroned 98-11732.0 USD2017-10-19 15:46:19
Trajan AR Denarius "Aequitas, Deity of Equal Measure & Balance" Rome Good Fine165.0 USD2017-11-12 23:46:39
Trajan AR Denarius "Dacian Captive Mourning, Trophy" RIC 222 VF330.0 USD2017-11-15 03:40:44
Trajan Dupondius "SC in Wreath, O Top" Rome, Use in Levante RIC 645 137.5 USD2017-11-08 15:30:50
Trajan AR Denarius "Victory With Wreath & Palm" 103-111 AD Rome RIC 128 VF192.5 USD2017-11-14 03:15:24
Trajan AE Sestertius Rome mint circa 114-117AD, Stellar portrait, fine style!199.95 USD2017-10-21 20:51:03
TRAJAN orichalcum C Sestertius | PAX - standing left w. captive Dacian / RIC 504175.0 USD02017-10-23 19:35:41
Ancient Roman, Trajan, 98-117 AD. AR Denarius75.0 USD2017-10-29 05:00:44
Trajan AE As "Pietas By Altar, Hand Raised" Rome 98-99 AD RIC 392 Very Fine VF167.5 USD2017-10-26 16:36:44
Emperor Trajan Denarius Roman Silver Coin,NGC Certified Circa 98 AD Excellent145.25 USD2017-10-23 01:18:32
Emperor Trajan Denarius Roman Silver Coin,NGC Certified Circa 98 AD Excellent128.75 USD2017-10-25 04:18:32
Denarius Trajan 21.5 USD22017-10-18 19:26:32
Ancient Roman Empire, 103-111 AD. Trajan, AR Denarius. trophy185.0 USD2017-10-21 23:32:49
Trajan AE As "Pax Seated, Kneeling Dacian at Feet" Rome RIC 510 Aegis Rare VF671.85 USD2017-10-25 06:24:21
Trajan AE Sestertius "ARAB ADQ Arabia, Camel" Rome 112-114 AD RIC 116 Good Fine671.5 USD2017-10-25 06:24:22
roman empire Galilaea, Tiberias. Trajan. A.D. 98-117.3.0 USD02017-10-22 17:58:28
Trajan Dupondius 98-99 AD "Abundantia Seated, Abundance" RIC 385 VF 223.5 USD2017-11-02 16:19:29
Trajan AE As "SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI Fortuna, Fortune" Rome 107 AD RIC 500 164.5 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Trajan Dupondius "Abundantia Seated, Abundance" Rome 98-99 RIC 385 Good Fine123.05 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Trajan Sestertius "Pax Seated, Holding Branch" Rome 99-100 AD RIC 413 VF879.5 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Trajan Dupondius "Arabia, Grains & Camel" Rome 103-111 AD RIC 467 Scarce Tiber439.5 USD2017-10-26 16:38:47
Trajan AR Denarius "OPTIMO PRINC Roma Seated" Rome 103-111 AD Fine137.0 USD2017-10-20 05:38:51
Trajan Sestertius "Providentia, Globe" Rome 114-117 AD RIC 663 Longest Obverse279.5 USD2017-10-26 16:36:44
Trajan AR Denarius "Roma Seated" 103-111 AD RIC 116 Fine Old Collection Tone164.5 USD2017-11-02 16:25:29
*NST* GREAT Ancient Roman AR Denarius Emperor TRAJAN 116-117AD - 2.46g - Virtus29.99 USD2017-11-13 17:52:41
Trajan Silver Denarius "Via Traiana With Wheel" Rome 112-113 AD RIC 266 VF394.79 USD2017-11-02 16:20:14
Roman: TRAJAN 98-117 AD Rare Sestertius. RIC 543. Horseback-Spearing Dacian 119.17 USD2017-10-26 19:25:10
Trajan Silver Denarius "Pax" 98-99 AD RIC 17 About EF Exceptional Portrait Style559.85 USD2017-10-20 05:38:00
Trajan AE Sestertius "Felicitas, Caduceus" Rome 114-117 AD RIC 671 Good Fine659.5 USD2017-10-28 18:36:53
Trajan Silver Denarius "Hercules, Club & Lion's Skin" Rome 100 AD RIC 37 Budget164.5 USD2017-10-25 06:24:22
Trajan AR Silver Denarius "Felicitas, Caduceus" Rome 114-117 AD RIC 345 VF219.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:03
Trajan Silver Denarius "PARTHICO PM TR P COS VI PP SPQR Salus Seated" RIC 370 VF338.43 USD2017-10-26 16:36:46
Trajan As "SENATVS POPVLVSQVE ROMANVS Victory" Rome 114-116 AD RIC 675 VF279.85 USD2017-11-07 01:58:46
M2485 Trajan Denarius. 103-111 AD. 33.99 USD02017-10-22 19:16:06
Trajan AE As "Club of Hercules on Lion Skin Head" Rome 104 AD RIC 581 279.85 USD2017-11-07 01:58:18
Ancient Roman Empire, Trajan, 114 AD. AR drachm of Bostra, Arabia85.0 USD2017-11-13 20:41:47
Trajan Silver Denarius "Hercules, Club & Lion Skin" Rome Mint 100 AD RIC 37 nVF223.5 USD2017-11-02 16:20:09
Trajan Brass Sestertius "Spes Walking, Optimism & Hope" Rome RIC 519 Fine391.85 USD2017-10-25 06:24:21
Trajan Dupondius "Via Traiana Reclining, Wheel & Branch" Rome RIC 641 Variant335.85 USD2017-11-02 16:20:13
Trajan Silver Denarius "Roma Standing, Victory & Spear" RIC 115 nVF Lovely197.32 USD2017-10-20 05:38:06
ROME - TRAJAN ~ 98-117 AD ~ 1 DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ VF 25.79 USD2017-10-21 18:45:48
Trajan AE As "SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI Victory, Trophy" RIC 523 Scarce About EF1119.85 USD2017-10-20 05:38:04
Trajan AR Denarius "COS VI PP SPQR Felicitas, Caduceus" RIC 301 Rare EF825.0 USD2017-11-03 05:54:52
Trajan Sestertius "IMPERATOR VIIII Addressing Troops, Horse" RIC 658 Rare VF2239.85 USD2017-10-26 16:36:43
Trajan Sestertius "Emperor on Horseback, Spearing Dacian" Rome RIC 534 Good VF1343.85 USD2017-11-07 01:58:18
Trajan Sestertius "REX PARTHIS DATVS SC Emperor on Platform, Parthia Kneeling"385.0 USD2017-11-07 01:58:18
Trajan Dupondius "Dacia Mourning, Trophy of Arms" RIC 563 Dacian Captivity VF559.5 USD2017-11-02 16:19:32
Trajan AR Denarius "Mars Walking, Trophy Spear" RIC 53 EF Authentic385.0 USD2017-10-20 05:40:13
Trajan AR Denarius "Victory on Prow Ornamented With Snake" Rome RIC 59 gVF219.5 USD2017-11-02 16:20:11
Ancient Roman Coin: Trajan (TR-2)7.99 USD02017-10-22 00:01:59
Trajan Sestertius "REX PARTHIS DATVS Parthamaspates, Kneeling Parthia" RIC 667 559.85 USD2017-10-26 16:36:46
Trajan AE Dupondius "SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI Trophy, Shields" RIC 586 Good Fine329.5 USD2017-10-22 03:12:04
Trajan Dupondius "SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI Arabia, Camel" Rome RIC 613 VF Green447.85 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Trajan Silver Denarius "Roma Seated, Holding Victory" Rome RIC 116 Good Fine164.5 USD2017-10-26 16:36:42
Trajan Silver Quinarius "Victory Seated" Rome 100AD RIC 43 Nearly EF Very Rare1689.5 USD2017-11-07 01:58:17
Trajan Silver Denarius "Victory DACICA Shield Palm" Rome 111 AD RIC 234 Rare gVF559.5 USD2017-10-26 16:36:49
Trajan Dupondius "Emperor Between Two Trophies" Rome 116 AD RIC 676 Choice EF559.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:27
ANCIENT ROME Trajan 98-117 AD Ae-As Rome Mint #A44130.0 USD2017-11-10 17:57:55
Trajan AE Sestertius "SENATVS POPVLSQVE ROMANVS SC Felicitas" Rome Green Patina99.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:06
Trajan Silver Denarius "Virtus With Weapons" Rome RIC 355 gVF Old Cabinet Tone391.5 USD2017-10-20 05:38:51
ANCIENT ROME Trajan 98-117 AD Ae-As Rome Mint #A44060.0 USD2017-11-10 17:32:57
Trajan Silver Denarius "Abundantia Seated" Rome 100 AD RIC 32 var Authentic169.11 USD2017-10-20 05:38:07
Trajan Barbarous AR Denarius "Eagle on Cippus" Crude Style Very Rare550.0 USD2017-10-18 03:48:48
ANCIENT ROMAN COIN - TRAJAN - AE AS (ANC- 680) 9.6 USD2017-10-28 14:04:11
Trajan Silver Denarius "Victory on Prow Ornamented with Snake" Rome RIC 59140.87 USD2017-11-02 16:19:33
Trajan Silver Denarius "Aequitas With Scales" Rome RIC 118 EF Authentic Roman338.43 USD2017-11-02 05:01:26
AE Dupondius of Roman Emperor Trajan, 98-117 AD Trajan Reverse CC818149.99 USD2017-11-07 13:12:20
Silver Denarius of Roman Imperor Trajan, NGC Ch XF 5/5 strike and surface 6007299.99 USD2017-11-04 11:55:10
Trajan; Ancient Roman Silver Denarius; Aeternitas Reverse60.0 USD2017-11-08 02:41:29
AE As of Roman Emperor Trajan, FELICITAS AVGVST 112-117 AD CC605379.99 USD2017-10-21 11:33:28
Trajan Silver Denarius "Virtus, Foot on Helmet With Parazonium" RIC 354 112.44 USD2017-10-26 16:36:45
Trajan Sestertius "IMPERATOR VIIII Emperor Addressing Soldiers" RIC 685 Rare894.5 USD2017-11-07 01:58:18
Trajan Dupondius "SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI Trophy of Arms" RIC 586 Near EF671.85 USD2017-11-02 16:19:34
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