Roman Emperor : Coins of Volusianus

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
VOLUSIAN Roman Empire 251-253 NGC AU Double Denarius Ancient Coin Volusianus169.99 USD2017-10-29 21:51:20
Ancient Roman Volusianus Antoninian99.0 USD2017-10-22 18:48:33
251-253 CE Roman Empire Silver Double Denarius - Volusianus (NGC AU)150.0 USD2017-10-31 10:30:01
Roman coin - Volusianus Silver (Billon) Antonian - RIC 186 56.0 USD2017-10-21 07:34:40
AA793, Roman, Volusianus (251-253 AD) Æ Sestertius (20.40g) Rome, 251-53, Pax263.2 USD2017-10-23 12:22:27
*Prados* Volusianus AE sestertius. FELICITAS PVBLICA S-C.168.0 USD2017-10-29 04:28:22
*Prados* Volusianus AE sestertius. PAX AVG S-C.27.0 USD2017-11-04 05:14:40
*Prados* Volusianus AE sestertius. PAX AVGG S-C.92.0 USD2017-11-15 15:08:28
*Prados* Volusianus AE sestertius. CONCORDIA AVGG S-C.86.0 USD2017-11-02 18:28:13
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