Roman Emperors and their coins


Julio-Claudian dynasty

Coins of Augustus16 January 27 BC to 19 August AD 14Octavian; adopted son of Julius Caesar
Coins of Tiberius19 August 14 to 16 March 37
Coins of Caligula18 March 37 to 24 January 41Murdered by Praetorian Guard; Caligula was childhood nickname meaning Little Boots
Coins of Claudius24 January 41 to 13 October 54Poisoned by his wife Agrippina, mother of Nero
Coins of Nero13 October 54 to 11 June 68Declared an enemy of the state by the Senate; had a slave assist him in suicide

Year of the Four Emperors (Civil War)

Coins of Galba8 June 68 to 15 January 69Murdered in a plot created by Otho because he did not adopt Otho as his successor and son.
Coins of Otho15 January 69 to 16 April 69Committed suicide in an attempt to end the civil war.
Coins of Vitellius2 January 69 to 20 December 69Murdered in favour of Vespasian

Flavian dynasty

Coins of Vespasian1 July 69 to 24 June 79
Coins of Titus24 June 79 to 13 September 81Possibly assassinated by Domitian
Coins of Domitian14 September 81 to 18 September 96Assassinated

Nervan-Antonian dynasty

Coins of Nerva18 September 96 to 27 January 98Proclaimed emperor by senate
Coins of Trajan28 January 98 to 7 August 117
Coins of Hadrian11 August 117 to 10 July 138
Coins of Antoninus Pius10 July 138 to 7 March 161
Coins of Marcus Aurelius7 March 161 to 17 March 180
Coins of Lucius Verus7 March 161 to March 169Co-emperor with Marcus Aurelius
Coins of Avidius Cassius175Usurper; ruled in Egypt and Syria; murdered by his own army
Coins of Commodus177 to 31 December 192Assassinated

Year of the Five Emperors & Severan dynasty

Coins of Pertinax1 January 193 to 28 March 193Proclaimed emperor by senate; murdered by Praetorian Guard
Coins of Didius Julianus28 March 193 to 1 June 193Proclaimed emperor by Praetorian Guard; executed on orders of the Senate
Coins of Septimius Severus9 April 193 to 4 February 211Proclaimed emperor by Pannonian troops; accepted by senate
Coins of Pescennius Niger193 to 194/195Proclaimed emperor by Syrian troops, defeated in battle by Septimius Severus
Coins of Clodius Albinus193/195 to 197Proclaimed emperor by British troops, defeated in battle by Septimius Severus
Coins of Caracalla198 to 8 April 217Assassinated at the behest of Macrinus
Coins of Geta209 to 4 February 211Co-emperor with Caracalla; assassinated on orders of Caracalla
Coins of Macrinus11 April 217 to June 218Proclaimed himself emperor; executed on orders of Elagabalus
Coins of DiadumenianMay 217 to June 218Junior co-emperor under Macrinus; executed
Coins of ElagabalusJune 218 to 222Proclaimed emperor by army; murdered by his own troops
Coins of Alexander Severus13 March 222 to ?March 235Murdered by his own troops

Rulers during the Crisis of the Third Century

Coins of Maximinus ThraxFebruary/March 235 to March/April 238Proclaimed emperor by the army; murdered by Praetorian Guard
Coins of Gordian IearlyJanuary/March 238 to lateJanuary/April 238Proclaimed emperor in Africa; committed suicide after Gordian II's death
Coins of Gordian IIearlyJanuary March 238 to lateJanuary/April 238Proclaimed emperor with Gordian I, killed in battle
Coins of PupienusearlyFebruary 238 to earlyMay 238Proclaimed joint emperor by senate; murdered by Praetorian Guard
Coins of BalbinusearlyFebruary 238 to earlyMay 238Proclaimed joint emperor by senate; murdered by Praetorian Guard
Coins of Gordian IIIMay 238 to February 244Nephew of Gordian II; death unclear, probably murdered
Coins of Sabinianus240Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor; defeated in battle
Coins of Philip the ArabFebruary 244 to September/October 249Proclaimed emperor after death of Gordian III; killed in battle by Decius
Coins of Pacatianus248Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor; murdered by his own soldiers
Coins of Jotapianus248 to 249Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor in the east; murdered by his own soldiers
Coins of Silbannacus248? or 253?Usurper; details essentially unknown
Coins of Decius249 to June 251Killed in battle
Coins of Priscus249 to 252Proclaimed himself emperor in the east in opposition to Decius
Coins of Licinianus250 to 250Usurper; proclaimed emperor in Rome; rebellion suppressed
Coins of Herennius Etruscusearly251 to June 251Junior co-emperor under Decius; killed in battle
Coins of Hostilian251Son of Decius; died of plague
Coins of GallusJune 251 to August 253Proclaimed emperor by his troops after Decius's death; murdered by them in favour of Aemilianus
Coins of VolusianusJuly 251 to August 253Junior co-emperor under Gallus; murdered by army
Coins of AemilianAugust 253 to October 253Proclaimed emperor by his troops; murdered by them in favour of Valerian
Coins of Valerian253 to June 260Proclaimed emperor by his troops; captured in battle by the Persians; died in captivity
Coins of Gallienus253 to September 268Junior co-emperor under Valerian to 260; probably murdered by his generals
Coins of Saloninus260Son of Gallienus; proclaimed emperor by army; murdered shortly after by troops of Postumus
Coins of IngenuusJune 260 (or 258)Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor after Valerian's capture; defeated in battle
Coins of Regalianus260Usurper; proclaimed emperor after Ingenuus's defeat; fate unclear
Coins of Macrianus Major260 to 261Usurper; proclaimed emperor by eastern army; defeated and killed in battle
Coins of Macrianus Minor260 to 261Usurper; son of Macrianus Major; defeated and killed in battle
Coins of Quietus260 to 261Usurper; son of Macrianus Major; defeated and killed in battle
Coins of Mussius Aemilianus261 to 261 or 262Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor after the defeat of the Macriani; defeated and executed
Coins of Aureolus268 to 268Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor after Gallienus's death; surrendered to Claudius II Gothicus; murdered by Praetorian Guard
Coins of Claudius Gothicus268 to August 270Proclaimed emperor by the army
Coins of QuintillusAugust 270 to September 270Proclaimed himself emperor; cause of death unclear
Coins of AurelianAugust 270 to 275Proclaimed emperor by army; murdered by the Praetorian Guard
Coins of Septimius271 to 271Usurper; proclaimed emperor in Dalmatia; killed by his own soldiers
Coins of TacitusNovember/December 275 to July 276Appointed emperor by the Senate; possibly assassinated
Coins of FlorianusJuly 276 to September 276Brother of Tacitus, proclaimed emperor by the western army; murdered by his troops
Coins of ProbusJuly 276 to lateSeptember 282Proclaimed emperor by the eastern army; murdered by his own soldiers in favour of Carus
Coins of Julius Saturninus280Usurper; proclaimed emperor by his troops; then killed by them
Coins of Proculus280Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor at the request of the people of Lugdunum; executed by Probus
Coins of Bonosus280Usurper; proclaimed himself emperor; defeated by Probus and committed suicide
Coins of CarusSeptember 282 to July/August 283Proclaimed emperor by Praetorian guard
Coins of Carinusspring 283 to summer 285Son of Carus; co-emperor with Numerian; fate unclear
Coins of NumerianJuly/August 283 to November 284Son of Carus; co-emperor with Carinus; probably murdered

Gallic Empire 260 to 274

Coins of Postumus260 to 268Declared himself emperor after Valerian's death; killed by his own troops
Coins of Laelianus268 to 268Proclaimed himself emperor in opposition to Postumus; defeated and killed by Postumus
Coins of Marius269 to 269Proclaimed himself emperor after Postumus's death
Coins of Victorinus269 to 271Proclaimed emperor after Marius's death
Coins of Domitianus II270 to 271Proclaimed himself emperor of the Gallic Empire
Coins of Tetricus I271 to 274Nominated heir to Victorinus

Britannic Empire 286 to 297

Coins of Carausius286 to 293Declared himself emperor; assassinated by Allectus
Coins of Allectus293 to 297Declared himself emperor after Carausius's death; defeated by Constantius Chlorus


Tetrarchy and Constantinian dynasty

Coins of Diocletian20 November 284 to 1 May 305Declared emperor by the army after Numerian's death; Abdicated
Coins of Maximian1 April 286 to 1 May 305Made co-emperor ('Augustus') with Diocletian; abdicated
Coins of Constantius Chlorus1 May 305 to 25 July 306Made junior co-emperor ('Caesar') under Maximian; became Augustus after his abdication
Coins of Galerius1 May 305 to May 311Made junior co-emperor ('Caesar') under Diocletian; became Augustus after his abdication
Coins of SeverusAugust 306 to 16 September 307Made junior co-emperor ('Caesar') under Constantius Chlorus; became Augustus after his death; executed by Maxentius
Coins of Maxentius28 October 306 to 28 October 312Son of Maximian; proclaimed Augustus by Praetorian Guard; defeated in battle by Constantine I
Coins of Constantine Ide jure: 307, de facto 312 to 22 May 337Son of Constantius Chlorus; proclaimed Augustus by army
Coins of Domitius Alexander308-309?/311?Proclaimed emperor in Africa; defeated in battle by Maxentius
Coins of Licinius11 November 308 to 18 September 324Appointed Augustus by Galerius; deposed by Constantine I and executed
Coins of Maximinus Daia1 May 311 to July/August 313Made junior co-emperor ('Caesar') under Galerius; became Augustus after his death; defeated in battle by Licinius and committed suicide
Coins of Valerius ValensDecember 316 to 1 March 317Appointed co-Augustus by Licinius; executed by Licinius
Coins of Sextus MartinianusJuly to 18 September 324Appointed co-Augustus by Licinius; deposed by Constantine I and executed
Coins of Constantine II337 to 340Son of Constantine I; co-emperor with his brothers; killed in battle
Coins of Constantius II337 to 361Son of Constantine I; co-emperor with his brothers
Coins of Constans337 to 350Son of Constantine I; co-emperor with his brothers, killed by Magnentius
Coins of MagnentiusJanuary 350 to 11 August 353Usurper; proclaimed emperor by the army; defeated by Constantius II and committed suicide
Coins of Vetranioc. 350Proclaimed himself emperor against Magnentius; recognized by Constantius II but then deposed
Coins of Nepotianusc. 350Proclaimed himself emperor against Magnentius, defeated and executed by Magnentius
Coins of JulianNovember 361 to June 363Cousin of Constantius II; made Caesar by Constantius, then proclaimed Augustus by the army; killed in battle


Coins of Jovian363 to 17 February 364Proclaimed emperor by the army after Julian's death

Valentinian dynasty

Coins of Valentinian I26 February 364 to 17 November 375Proclaimed emperor by the army after Jovian's death
Coins of Valens28 March 365 to 9 August 378Made co-emperor in the east by his brother Valentinian I; killed in battle
Coins of ProcopiusSeptember 365 to 27 May 366Usurper; Proclaimed himself emperor; defeated and executed by Valens
Coins of Gratian24 August 367 to 383Son of Valentinian I; assassinated
Coins of Valentinian II375 to 392Son of Valentinian I; deposed by Arbogast and died in suspicious circumstances
Coins of Magnus Maximus383 to 388Usurper; proclaimed emperor by troops; at one time recognized by Theodosius I, but then deposed and executed
Coins of Flavius Victorc.386 to 388Son of Magnus Maximus, executed on orders of Theodosius I
Coins of Eugenius392 to 394Usurper; proclaimed emperor by army under Arbogast; defeated in battle by Theodosius I

Theodosian dynasty

Coins of Theodosius I379 to 17 January 395Made co-emperor for the east by Gratian
Coins of Arcadius383 to 408 EASTAppointed co-emperor with his father Theodosius I; sole emperor for the east from January 395
Coins of Honorius23 January 393 to 15 August 423 WESTAppointed Augustus for the west by his father Theodosius I
Coins of Constantine III407 to 411 WESTUsurper; proclaimed emperor in Britain; defeated by Constantius III
Coins of Constans II409 to 411 WESTUsurper; made emperor by his father Constantine III; killed in battle
Coins of Priscus Attalus409 and 414 to 415 WESTUsurper; twice proclaimed emperor by Visigoths under Alaric and twice deposed by Honorius
Coins of Maximus409 to 411 WESTUsurper; proclaimed emperor in Spain; abdicated
Coins of Jovinus411 to 413 WESTUsurper; proclaimed emperor after Constantine III's death, executed by Honorius
Coins of Sebastianus412 to 413 WESTUsurper; appointed co-emperor by Jovinus, executed by Honorius
Coins of Theodosius II408 to 450 EASTSon of Arcadius
Coins of Constantius III421 to 421 WESTSon-in-law of Theodosius I; appointed co-emperor by Honorius
Coins of Joannes423 to 425 WESTProclaimed western emperor, initially undisputed; defeated and executed by Theodosius II in favour of Valentinian III
Coins of Valentinian III425 to 16 March 455 WESTSon of Constantius III; appointed emperor by Theodosius II; assassinated
Coins of Marcian450 to January 457 EASTWed by the Augusta Pulcheria, sister of Theodosius II, following the latter's death. Died of gangrene.

Later Western emperors

Coins of Petronius Maximus17 March 455 to 31 May 455Proclaimed himself emperor after Valentinian III's death; murdered
Coins of AvitusJune 455 to 17 October 456Proclaimed emperor by the Visigoth king Theoderic II; deposed by Ricimer
Coins of Majorian457 to 2 August 461Appointed by Ricimer; deposed and executed by Ricimer
Coins of Libius Severus461 to 465Appointed by Ricimer; deposed and executed by Ricimer
Coins of Anthemius12 April 467 to 11 July 472Appointed by Ricimer; deposed and executed by Ricimer
Coins of OlybriusJuly 472 to 2 November 472Appointed by Ricimer
Coins of Glycerius5 March 473 to June 474Appointed by Gundobad; deposed by Julius Nepos
Coins of Julius NeposJune 474 to 25 April 480Appointed by eastern emperor Leo I; deposed in Italy by Orestes in 475; continued to be recognised as lawful emperor in Gaul and Dalmatia until his murder in 480
Coins of Romulus Augustus31 October 475 to 4 September 476(Romulus Augustulus) Son of Orestes; deposed by Odoacer; fate unknown
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