Roman Emperor : Coins of Balbinus

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
ROME ~ BALBINUS ~ AE 24 ~ 238 AD ~ CH AU ~ (REMAKE) 24.99 USD2019-03-28 19:37:49
GORDIAN III As Caesar UNDER BALBINUS PUPIENUS Sestertius Roman Coin NGC i750921498.8 USD2019-03-28 01:09:08
BALBINUS 238AD Rome Silver Antoninianus Authentic Roman Coin NGC XF Rare i588663300.0 USD2019-04-19 21:00:04
BALBINUS Authentic Ancient 238AD Rome Sestertius Ancient Roman Coin NGC i733242398.8 USD2019-04-08 17:26:33
Excellent! RARE Sestertius BALBINUS April-July 238AD LIBERALITAS RIC15 16.37g650.0 USD2019-04-09 05:28:14
ZURQIEH -as8954- Balbinus, AE-Sestertius. Rome. 550.0 USD2019-03-23 10:15:50
[#512948] Coin, Balbinus, Sestertius, 238, Rome, EF(40-45), Bronze, RIC:191560.0 USD2019-04-17 16:45:56
[#512948] Coin, Balbinus, Sestertius, 238, Rome, EF(40-45), Bronze, RIC:191920.0 USD2019-04-18 16:47:42
Gordian III,Caesar under Pupienus and Balbinus: April–July AD 238. Augustus: AD 19.0 USD2019-04-18 01:08:39
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