Roman Emperor : Coins of Flavius Victor

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Flavius Victor AE13 "SPES ROMANORVM Camp Gate, City Wall" Lyons RIC 36b106.25 USD2019-04-17 15:50:28
Flavius Victor AE 4 ~~ Extr.Fine !!~~378.0 USD2019-04-12 03:24:16
Flavius Victor. AD 387-388. Æ4. Trier mint. Campgates. Extremely Rare275.0 USD2019-03-25 11:49:36
*Lucernae* Flavius Victor AE13 SPES ROMANORVM. SMAQP Aquileia 387-388 A.D.412.5 USD2019-04-14 17:33:41
[#506928] Flavius Victor, Nummus, Lyons, EF(40-45), Bronze, RIC:36b494.0 USD2019-03-23 17:00:51
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