Roman Emperor : Coins of Maximian

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
U29 Roman Empire Maximian 286-310 AD BI Aurelianianus NGC AU8.5 USD42018-09-25 03:21:01
Galerius Maximian as Caesar AE Follis 25mm (309-310 AD), Alexandria mint38.0 USD2018-10-10 20:04:49
Galerius Maximian AE Follis, Nicomedia. 293-311 AD 23mm Genius Ancient coins A1s14.0 USD2018-10-09 01:11:25
Billon Half Follis Divus Maximianus Rv Maximian Seated Left AD 217-8 Siscia mint20.0 USD2018-10-01 21:41:21
ROMAN EMPIRE, MAXIMIAN (AD286-310), AE ANTONINIANUS, RIC607, NGC CH AU84.95 USD2018-10-15 20:33:06
Maximian Silvered Follis "Moneta With Scales" Rome Mint 302-302 AD RIC 105b aEF233.22 USD2018-10-20 11:29:59
Large Silvered Follis of Roman Emperor Maximian 286-310 AD AC001599.99 USD2018-09-26 15:02:22
NGC GRADED AU - MAXIMIAN Ancient Roman Empire Bronze Bi Nummis Coin 286-310 AD149.0 USD2018-10-16 17:32:37
Ancient Roman Emperor Maximian Bi Nummus Coin,286AD. NGC Certified Ch VF & Story89.99 USD2018-10-13 04:39:54
Roman Coin Maximian 286-310 BI Aurelianianus NGC CH XF 89.95 USD2018-10-16 23:21:39
NGC MS Roman Empire Maximian AD 286-310 AR Argenteus Rev Tetrarchs at Campgate1150.0 USD2018-10-12 04:18:42
MAXIMIAN 304AD Large Ancient Roman Coin Nude Hercules w club Rare i27325140.0 USD2018-09-27 00:30:44
Maximian 286-310 AD Bi Aurelianianus NGC Graded Choice VF80.0 USD2018-10-10 19:45:20
Roman Empire Maximian, AD 286-310 NGC Ch F ***Rev. Tye's Stache*** #80744459.99 USD2018-10-03 22:57:06
286-305 Ancient Rome Maximian Silver Circulated ** FREE U.S. SHIPPING **60.0 USD2018-10-01 20:08:56
Roman Empire Egypt Maximian AD 286-310 BI Tetradrachm rv Nike Ch XF NGC88.0 USD2018-10-08 15:01:15
Maximian, AD 286-310 ROMAN EMPIRE BI Nummus NGC AU50234.35 USD2018-10-18 21:02:27
Roman Empire Maximian AD 286-310 BI Aurelianianus rv emperor/Jupiter AU NGC98.0 USD2018-09-24 13:53:25
Maximian Roman Emperor Authentic Antoninianus Coin 925 Sterling Silver Necklace76.95 USD2018-10-14 21:42:57
Ancient Bronze AE1 of Maximian (AD 304-305)39.0 USD2018-09-24 09:14:48
Egypt, Alexandria Maximian Bl Tetradrachm NGC XF ancient coin95.0 USD2018-10-05 22:30:55
AD 286-310 Maximian AR Argenteus NGC Ch AU * Star *(Ancient Roman)1790.0 USD2018-09-22 20:30:38
NGC CHOICE CH AU - MAXIMIAN Ancient Roman Bronze Bi Nummis Coin 286-310 AD199.0 USD2018-10-16 18:20:39
Roman Empire Maximian, AD 286-310, BL Nummus (6.42g), Rome, Rev Roma in Temple!53.99 USD2018-09-30 13:56:28
NGC XF Roman Empire Maximian AD 286-310 AR Argenteus Nicomedia Reverse Campgate875.0 USD2018-10-12 03:58:08
NGC GRADED AU - MAXIMIAN Ancient Roman Empire Bronze Bi Nummis Coin 286-310 AD139.0 USD2018-10-16 17:59:29
MAXIMIAN 285AD Antioch Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JUPITER & HERCULES i65682118.8 USD2018-10-02 16:50:40
FORVM gVF Maximian Antoninianus Pax (Peace) Raising Olive Branch104.0 USD2018-10-18 15:31:58
Maximian 286-310 AD AR Argenteus Trier Mint NGC CH XF Acient Roman Empire Coin390.0 USD2018-10-13 02:59:04
MAXIMIAN Genuine Ancient 302AD Antioch Follis Authentic Roman Coin GENIUS i67056118.8 USD2018-09-27 06:24:12
MAXIMIAN 295AD Carthago mint Very rare Ancient Roman Coin Wreath i3594538.8 USD2018-10-09 21:23:07
Maximian AE Antoninianus Victory on globe from Diocletian Roman Coin Rare 66.78 USD2018-10-01 18:22:23
Roman Empire Billon Nummus Fraction of Maximian Posthumous Issue NGC XF SKU47621119.0 USD2018-10-06 19:56:59
Maximian AE Antoninianus "PIETAS AVGG Raising Kneeling Woman" Trier RIC 478 Rare1032.46 USD2018-10-13 13:00:10
Maximian 285-310 AD. AQUILEA. Large AE FOLLIS !!!. Roman Imperial 65.0 USD2018-10-07 00:51:15
MAXIMIAN Original 293AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JUPITER Victory i6765150.0 USD2018-10-13 06:17:09
ROMAN EMPIRE Maximian AD 286-310 Bi Aurelianianus Silvering NGC Ch XF AC179.95 USD2018-10-10 02:36:26
Maximian AE Follis "CONSERVATO RES VRB SVAE Roma in Temple" Rome RIC 194b EF127.29 USD2018-09-21 00:15:05
286-308 Rome Maximian Follis Ticinum Mint Silver Circ'd ** FREE U.S. SHIPPING **90.0 USD2018-10-01 19:33:47
Roman Billon Nummus Maximian AD 286-310 Abdication Issue Pasha NGC XF SKU47693299.0 USD2018-09-30 13:43:17
Maximian AE Post-Reform Radiate Fraction VOT XX Authentic Roman Coin Very Rare 66.92 USD2018-09-21 17:19:12
MAXIMIAN 305AD Rare Ancient Roman Coin Nude GENIUS Protection Wealth i34462 76.0 USD2018-10-18 08:17:03
Maximian AE Post-Reform Radiate Jupiter Victory on Globe Authentic Roman Coin47.74 USD2018-10-04 00:00:39
Maximian Caesar AE Follis "H Below Bust & Genius" Trier RIC 160b Var Very Rare310.56 USD2018-10-06 23:30:05
Roman Empire Maximian AD 286 Bl Nummus Alexandria rv Genius stg. NGC AU225.0 USD2018-10-09 06:52:38
Maximian AE Antoninianus "CONSERVATOR AVGG Emperor & Hercules" Cyzicus RIC 580104.3 USD2018-10-08 13:30:07
NG Ancient Roman Coin MAXIMIAN Large Follis Nude Genius Wealth symbol i141163.99 USD2018-10-11 17:19:59
Maximian AE Follis "GENIO POP ROM Genius" London RIC 85 Scarce Legends aEF155.4 USD2018-10-04 19:15:05
MAXIMIAN 285AD Ancient Roman Coin Nude Jupiter Zeus w thunderbolt i32243 54.0 USD2018-09-20 20:56:07
MAXIMIAN w Jupiter Victory Authentic Ancient 286AD Original Roman Coin i6806878.8 USD2018-09-24 13:05:51
Roman Empire Maximian, AD 286-310 NGC XF ***Rev Tye's Stache*** #2017124.99 USD2018-10-11 17:30:00
Maximian Herculius 291AD Rome Authentic Ancient Roman Coin HERCULES i6547658.8 USD2018-10-15 00:01:42
Roman Empire Maximian, AD 286-310 BE Aurelianianus (3.84g) #932839-3 MS NGC 199.0 USD2018-10-04 18:27:21
MAXIMIAN 293AD Jupiter Victory Eagle Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Lyons i43626210.0 USD2018-10-02 07:41:37
Maximian Silvered Antoninianus "PAX AVGG Pax, Branch" Lugdunum 289-290 AD nEF183.82 USD2018-10-08 22:20:10
MAXIMIAN 317AD Posthumous under Constantine the Great Ancient Roman Coin i22459100.0 USD2018-10-06 03:49:58
Maximian AE Antoninianus Hercules Ticinium Mint 285-288 AD. Authentic Roman Coin68.32 USD2018-10-12 00:00:01
Maximian AE AE 317-318 AD. struck under Constantine I Authentic Roman Coin Rare58.1 USD2018-10-01 18:21:59
Maximian, AD 286-310 ROMAN EMPIRE BI Nummus NGC MS60 die shift218.0 USD2018-09-21 16:53:29
MAXIMIAN 302AD Lugdunum Follis GENIUS Altar Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i63264398.8 USD2018-10-04 17:48:18
Ancient Roman Maximian AD 286-310 Aurelianianus (#64) Silvering NGC Choice AU. 110.0 USD2018-10-11 17:54:24
Maximian receiving Victory from Jupiter 295AD Ancient Roman Coin i4002074.0 USD2018-10-09 12:25:27
MAXIMIAN 290AD RARE Ancient Roman Coin Salus Health Hygeia Cult i46373220.0 USD2018-10-07 10:15:11
MAXIMIAN 296AD Ancient Authentic Roman Coin NUDE GENIUS Protection i2632360.0 USD2018-10-02 02:32:28
Divus MAXIMIAN under Constantine I 317AD Ancient Roman Coin Lion NGC ChAU i66370398.8 USD2018-09-20 22:11:43
Maximian with Hercules sacrificing 292AD Ancient Roman Coin i40650 199.55 USD2018-09-23 20:12:28
MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient 295AD Roman Cyzicus Coin w JUPITER & VICTORY i6743458.8 USD2018-10-07 21:45:30
MAXIMIAN 297AD Cyzicus Follis Large Authentic Ancient Roman Coin GENIUS i63436518.8 USD2018-10-13 20:33:25
MAXIMIAN w Jupiter Victory Authentic Ancient Original 295AD Roman Coin i7004278.8 USD2018-09-30 20:44:23
MAXIMIAN Posthumous under Constantine the Great RARE Ancient Roman Coin i3224054.0 USD2018-09-20 19:55:32
MAXIMIAN 290AD Lugdunum Authentic Ancient Roman Coin PAX Peace Goddess i65467238.8 USD2018-10-14 23:07:56
MAXIMIAN 297AD Big Follis Authentic Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Genius i63196380.0 USD2018-10-04 21:07:16
MAXIMIAN 297AD Large Ancient ROMAN Coin GENIUS Cult Protection Wealth i36446155.51 USD2018-10-15 18:42:56
MAXIMIAN 317AD Posthumous Constantine I the Great Propaganda Roman Coin i52863100.0 USD2018-10-04 23:09:32
286-305AD Ancient Roman Provicial AE Coin - Maximian - Alexandria Egypt39.99 USD2018-09-27 00:51:25
ROMAN IMP Maximian 295-97AD AR Argenteus NGC MS 5/5; 4/5 RIC 41 R5 Brilliant751.5 USD2018-10-17 16:15:58
MAXIMIAN 285AD Antioch Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JUPITER & HERCULES i65161118.8 USD2018-09-26 02:55:35
AD 286-305 ROMAN EMPIRE MAXIMIAN BIL FOLLIS NGC AU 5/5-2/5 L@@K239.99 USD2018-10-10 21:04:01
286 AD Rroman Empire Maximian AR Argenteus rv Tetrarchs at campgate NGC CH XF695.0 USD2018-09-23 21:24:44
MAXIMIAN 307AD London Londinium Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Hercules i63987478.8 USD2018-09-23 03:28:59
MAXIMIAN Silvered 287AD Ancient Roman Coin HERCULES NEMEAN LION Victory i41560380.0 USD2018-10-19 18:50:09
MAXIMIAN 307AD Rare Londinium London Follis Nummus Ancient Roman Coin i63989158.8 USD2018-09-23 03:37:19
Maximian receiving Victory from Jupiter 295AD Ancient Roman Coin i4075164.0 USD2018-09-27 18:09:51
MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient 308AD Alexandria Follis Roman Coin w GENIUS i6739678.8 USD2018-10-06 21:43:51
MAXIMIAN w Jupiter Victory Authentic Ancient Original 295AD Roman Coin i6773058.8 USD2018-09-25 16:29:48
MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient Genuine 305AD Alexandria Roman Coin w JUPITER i6744898.8 USD2018-10-09 20:08:50
MAXIMIAN w Jupiter Victory Authentic Ancient Original 295AD Roman Coin i6747978.8 USD2018-10-10 19:37:35
MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient 285AD Antioch Roman Coin w JUPITER & HERCULES i6742778.8 USD2018-10-07 21:34:35
AD 286-310 Maximian AR Argenteus NGC Ch AU (Ancient Roman)1720.0 USD2018-09-22 20:35:08
MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient 300AD Roman Follis Coin of Aquileia w MONETA i67087158.8 USD2018-10-18 03:55:05
MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient 310AD Follis Genuine Roman Coin w GENIUS i67072158.8 USD2018-10-18 08:02:51
MAXIMIAN 302AD Follis RARE Possibly Unpublished Ancient Roman Coin Genius i63191398.8 USD2018-10-10 20:48:46
EGYPT, ALEXANDRIA Maximian, AD 286-310, BI Tetradrachm Ch XF200.0 USD2018-10-08 21:13:19
MAXIMIAN Posthumous under Constantine the Great Ancient Roman Coin i3285470.0 USD2018-10-06 17:21:49
Roman Empire, Maximian, AD 286-310, BI Aurelianisnus.200.0 USD2018-10-08 20:59:08
MAXIMIAN 295AD Big Follis Alexandria Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Genius i63193390.0 USD2018-10-04 20:32:29
305-311 AD Roman Imperial AE Follis Coin VF+ Galerius Maximian Moneta S-371190.0 USD2018-10-11 23:35:54
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