Roman Emperor : Coins of Nerva

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
NERVA DENARIUS ROME 3.5 GRAMS 18MM40.0 USD12018-09-20 16:44:51
Nerva A.D.96-98 AR denarius aVF/VG S.854 Nice Portrait50.0 USD02018-09-30 12:06:54
Roman Imperial Nerva Denarius. Struck 96 AD. 55.0 USD02018-09-26 19:44:43
NERVA AD96-98 As -VM 33-VERY NICE ROMAN COIN-SHIPS FREE!44.95 USD2018-10-03 23:19:59
Ancient Roman Coin: 97 AD Nerva (96 -98 AD) Æ 27. S-3059. #1328.66 USD2018-10-10 18:54:15
ROME ~ NERVA ~ 96-98 AD ~ DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ F34.9 USD2018-10-13 15:23:36
ROME ~ NERVA ~ 96-98 AD ~ DENARIUS ~ SILVER ~ F47.5 USD2018-09-24 16:17:51
NERVA (96-98) AE dupondius, Libertas Rome 97 AD68.0 USD2018-09-26 18:26:16
AD 96-98 NGC VF Roman Empire Nerva AR Silver Denarius, Fortuna Standing Rev.194.99 USD02018-09-24 18:34:34
Nerva AE As "Aequitas Standing, Holding Scales" 97 AD RIC 77 Budget78.52 USD2018-10-04 22:15:08
NERVA. AD 96-98. DUPONDIUS. LIBERTAS (PUBLICA)39.0 USD2018-09-24 06:34:20
Ancient Rome 96-98 AD Seleucis SYRIA NERVA SEMIS ANTIOCH WREATH SC 44.99 USD2018-10-17 18:58:00
AUGUSTUS Æ As. Restitution issue under Nerva Bare head / Eagle 96 AD.175.0 USD2018-10-11 01:30:52
97 A.D. ROME, NERVA, AR DENARIUS, VF20 ANACS225.0 USD2018-09-21 01:30:12
Nerva, AD 96-98 ROMAN EMPIRE AR Denarius NGC AU55 * STAR1635.0 USD2018-10-18 21:02:22
Roman Empire Nerva (AD 96-98) AR Denarius, NGC Ancients VF250.0 USD2018-10-08 21:08:45
Nerva AE As Rome Mint 96 AD Liberty With Cap Reverse65.0 USD2018-10-18 15:54:23
98/99 NGC Ch XF Trajan Denarius Pax Early Nerva Portrait Style (17082304CZ)295.0 USD2018-10-17 21:28:23
Nice Roman uncleaned coin Nerva AS fortuna S C20.0 USD2018-10-16 14:35:30
NERVA 97AD Rome Authentic Ancient NGC Certified VF Roman Coin FORTUNA i60275600.0 USD2018-09-27 22:11:46
NERVA. AD 96-98. DENARIUS. FORTVNA AVGVST. Choice portrait.199.0 USD2018-09-22 19:21:38
NGC AU Roman Empire Nerva AD 96-98 AR Denarius (3.19g) Reverse Clasped Hands1075.0 USD2018-10-12 04:19:01
Roman Empire Nerva AD 96-98 Denarius Certified NGC Ch VF 5/5 Strike 4/5 Surface495.0 USD2018-10-08 15:48:23
NERVA 96AD Rome Authentic Ancient Original Genuine Roman Coin Aequitas i64447500.0 USD2018-09-30 19:34:30
NERVA 98AD Rome Denarius Authentic Genuine Ancient Silver Roman Coin i63390398.8 USD2018-10-09 15:09:11
NERVA 97AD Rome AEQUITAS Equity Goddess Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i58020140.0 USD2018-10-19 22:40:19
Ancient Rome Nerva Silver Denarius "Sacrificial Implements" 96-98 AD RIC 34 Rare444.99 USD2018-10-20 01:20:20
Nerva Fortuna dupondius385.0 USD2018-10-07 18:39:20
NERVA Genuine 97AD SESTERTIUS Authentic Ancient Roman Coin FORTUNA NGC i69325718.8 USD2018-10-14 12:21:37
NERVA 97AD Rome FORTUNA Luck Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin Rare NGC i59804420.0 USD2018-09-25 00:50:02
NERVA 97AD Rome Authentic Ancient NGC Certified Ch VF Roman Coin HANDS i602471000.0 USD2018-10-19 19:04:56
NERVA 97AD Rome Authentic Ancient NGC Certified Ch VF Roman Coin FORTUNA i602341300.0 USD2018-10-17 23:23:11
NERVA 97AD Rome Denarius Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin FORTUNA i70294198.8 USD2018-10-12 20:07:11
ancient Roman denarius Nerva, 96-98 AD (C251)125.0 USD2018-10-04 01:11:04
Augustus 27 BC - 14 AD . AS -Restoration Issue struck by Nerva-Eagle . AE 2695.0 USD2018-09-30 02:09:48
Roman coin,Emperor Nerva,lot 114185.0 USD2018-10-09 01:23:03
Nerva 97AD Very rare Silver Ancient Roman Coin Lituus, ladle, jug i31132471.11 USD2018-10-18 01:48:40
Ancient Roman Nerva AD 96-98 Dupondius (#14) NGC Choice VF. Carefully Check 360.0 USD2018-09-28 18:17:33
Nerva 96-98 AD. AE . Roman Imperial. SC in Wreath47.0 USD2018-10-11 23:17:35
Nerva 96-98 AD. Sestertius. Roman Imperial. 32.5 mm, 21.7 grams275.0 USD2018-09-30 18:18:33
Nerva 96-98 AD. Dupondius . Roman Imperial. 12 gr. Syria Antioch32.99 USD2018-10-07 01:41:31
96 AD Roman Copper AS Coin VG Nerva Rome Concordia Praetorian Guard S#306190.0 USD2018-10-05 20:52:57
Rome Nerva (96 - 98 AD) Bronze AS Fortuna Augustus Fine Condition126.0 USD2018-09-20 23:42:01
Nerva 97AD Sestertius Big Ancient Roman Coin Fortuna Luck Cult i45658120.0 USD2018-10-13 23:40:05
Nerva 96-98 AD. Dupondius . Roman Imperial. Clasped Hands -Reverse 225.0 USD2018-09-30 17:49:05
Nerva 97AD Rare Big Ancient Roman Coin LIBERTAS Liberty Cult i39905460.0 USD2018-10-06 18:46:44
97 AD Roman Prov Syria Seleucis & Pieria Nerva Bronze AE Ancient Coin ANACS G 6125.0 USD2018-10-05 16:05:13
NERVA 96AD Rome Quadrans Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Modius Caduceus i63590150.0 USD2018-09-29 21:25:13
Nerva AE As "CONCORDIA EXERCITVVM Two Clasped Hands" Rome 97AD RIC 79 VF Green46.0 USD2018-10-07 21:06:20
ROMAN EMPIRE. Nerva (AD 96-98). AE as (12.4 gm, 26 MM).195.0 USD2018-10-02 16:27:22
Nerva 97AD Rare Large Ancient Roman Coin Equity Fairness Cult Wealth i42233160.0 USD2018-10-04 13:31:44
NERVA 97AD Liberty Goddess Dupondius Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i40557340.0 USD2018-10-17 18:56:58
Nerva 96-98 AD. Dupondius . Roman Imperial. 11.9 gr/28mm115.0 USD2018-09-23 00:47:04
Nerva 96-98 AD. AS . Roman Imperial. 77.99 USD2018-09-30 17:53:33
Ancient Roman coin,Emperor Nerva150.0 USD2018-10-12 01:58:31
AD 97 Roman Denarius Coin Nerva Rome Mint ANACS VF-35 Details Scratched AKR675.0 USD2018-10-18 15:50:35
Rare Nerva Sestertius AD 97 Two Mules Rome Mint ANACS VF25 Corroded, Tooled3995.0 USD2018-09-26 21:43:38
Nerva 97AD Rare Large Ancient Roman Coin Equity Fairness Cult Wealth i39857 200.0 USD2018-10-05 09:05:50
Nerva 96-98 AD. Dupondius . Roman Imperial. 11.94 gr/28mm115.0 USD2018-10-05 23:50:04
NERVA 97AD HUGE Sestertius Ancient Roman Coin Fortuna Luck Wealth symbol i32116343.2 USD2018-10-16 14:06:27
FORVM gVF Nerva Silver Denarius Liberty Holding Pileus and Long Rod Nice Coin552.0 USD2018-10-07 18:36:59
TMM* 97AD Roman Imperial AS Nerva F/VF 28MM bronze/nice detail329.99 USD2018-10-11 20:50:16
ancient Roman provincial Caesarea silver didrachm Nerva, 96-98 AD (C107)95.0 USD2018-10-09 21:06:28
RARE! Original 100% Ancient ROMAN SILVER COIN denarius NERVA 96-98 AD #040274.0 USD2018-09-20 22:23:42
Emperor Nerva ? temple AE27 large imperial coin to identify29.0 USD2018-10-03 05:29:36
As NERVA Ancient Bronze Roman Coin 1953H40.0 USD2018-09-21 20:55:19
ROMAN COLLECTIBLE Silver COIN, NERVA, c.96-98AD, AR Denarius+++As found+++149.99 USD02018-09-25 22:06:57
Ancient Roman Bronze Nerva AS Coin - Rare!65.0 USD2018-10-17 16:49:42
ZURQIEH -aa5610- SILVER DENARIUS. NERVA 89.0 USD2018-10-04 22:42:39
Ancient Roman AE As EMPEROR NERVA 97AD - Fortuna SC64.99 USD2018-10-17 15:00:15
ROMAN SILVER COIN AR DENARIUS NERVA AEQUITAS (RIC 13) 18mm 3,23g149.0 USD2018-09-30 06:48:15
Fourree Ancient Roman AR Denarius Emperor NERVA - Clasped Hands 2.61g55.0 USD2018-10-17 14:54:08
Original Ancient ROMAN SILVER COIN denarius NERVA 96-98 AD RARE! #004879.0 USD2018-10-07 20:55:05
Ancient Roman Nerva Denarius, Rare99.0 USD2018-09-23 20:39:26
NERVA SILVER DENARIUS91.99 USD2018-09-30 03:27:49
[#510853] Coin, Nerva, Sestertius, AD 97, Rome, Bronze, RIC:1009750.0 USD2018-10-04 11:50:28
SCARCE Ancient Roman AE As NERVA 97AD -Clasped hands RIC79 7g69.99 USD2018-10-10 23:21:24
NERVA - SEMIS - MINT ANTIQUE ROMAN BRONZE - REF1591937.97 USD2018-10-12 23:24:29
Nerva, As 96-98 AD, 7,8g, 27 mm, LIBERTAS PUBLICA99.0 USD2018-10-11 14:14:32
ROME EMPIRE NERVA TRAIAN AS #mo 27740.0 USD2018-10-12 11:41:04
[#34009] Nerva, Denarius, Roma, AU(50-53), Silver, RIC #9, 3.47312.0 USD2018-09-28 08:21:06
Ancient Roman Nerva AS85.0 USD2018-10-02 15:37:37
Roman Empire Lot Dupondius, 3 Aces, Hadrian, NERVA, Claudius, Marc Aurel97.58 USD2018-10-08 09:55:07
96-98 AD Nerva Dupondus Roman bronze coin90.0 USD2018-10-14 06:18:41
[#33195] Nerva, Denarius, Roma, AU(50-53), Silver, RIC #3, 3.17390.0 USD2018-10-15 10:04:34
ROME EMPIRE NERVA TRAIAN DENAR #T14 03780.0 USD2018-10-12 11:39:37
[#38731] Nerva, Denarius, Rome, EF(40-45), Silver, RIC #16, 3.45224.0 USD2018-10-01 08:31:03
[#650658] Coin, Nerva, Denarius, 97, Roma, EF(40-45), Silver, RIC:14200.0 USD2018-09-20 21:48:04
Nerva AD 96-98 AR Denarius Rome mint Struck AD 98 Good VF/aVF 5640295.0 USD2018-10-08 00:33:20
ROME EMPIRE NERVA TRAIAN DENAR PM TRP COS IIII #t13 123135.0 USD2018-10-12 11:39:34
043-INDALO- Nerva - Æ As, c.97 AD - Aequitas - RIC.77 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!400.0 USD2018-09-28 10:37:59
ROME EMPIRE DENAR NERVA TRAIAN PM TRP COS IIII PP #t13 139180.0 USD2018-10-12 11:39:39
As 96-98 Antique /Roman Empire/ Nerva Fortuna Sc S60.98 USD2018-10-08 13:52:13
ROME EMPIRE NERVA TRAIAN DENAR COS III PP #t13 081160.0 USD2018-10-08 17:56:08
ZURQIEH -aa8681- NERVA SILVER DENARIUS 150.0 USD2018-10-13 04:58:17
NERVA (96-98 AD) As CAYON.-43 / RIC.-60-C Bronze 10,1grs 27mm125.0 USD2018-09-20 18:54:16
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