Roman Emperor : Coins of Otho

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Otho. AD 69. AR Denarius325.0 USD2019-11-07 17:50:57
Silver coins Otho2.52 USD42019-10-18 14:14:17
Ancient Roman Empire Emperor Otho Large Bronze Coin with COA239.0 USD2019-10-22 00:46:24
Roman Egypt AE Diobol Emperor Otho (69 AD) XF NGC - SKU#1972221332.98 USD2019-11-09 19:26:31
Roman Silver Denarius Emperor Otho (69 AD) CH XF NGC - SKU#1972204007.47 USD2019-11-09 19:26:31
Otho AD 69-69. Rome Denarius AR109.99 USD02019-10-21 19:31:01
Ancient Roman Silver Denarius OTHO 69 AD. rare269.99 USD2019-11-08 18:19:56
Rome Ancient Silver Denarius Otho 69 rare239.99 USD2019-10-29 19:35:08
OTHO AD 69. AR Ancient Roman Silver Denarius.PAX ORBIS TERRARUM289.99 USD2019-11-10 18:18:41
Otho 69 AD AR Silver Denarius PONT MAX265.99 USD02019-10-23 19:19:14
ZURQIEH -as11588- AS FOUND. OTHO, 69 AD. AR Denarius, Securitas 500.0 USD2019-10-18 19:21:42
Otho AD 69-69. Rome Denarius AR119.99 USD02019-10-24 18:59:54
OTHO Emperor Rome 1800s Old Roman Antique Art Print 1800s Engraving14.0 USD2019-11-02 01:27:13
Twelve Caesars Ancient Rome Julius Tiberius Claudius Nero Augustus Caligula Otho25.49 USD2019-11-10 00:51:22
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