Roman Emperor : Coins of Valentinian III

Image Coin description Price Auctions Time left
Valentinian III AE4, Cross, Q to left85.0 USD2019-04-09 00:50:30
ROME ~ VALENTINIAN III ~ 475-455 AD ~ VF68.99 USD2019-04-04 15:51:03
Roman coin VALENTINIAN III,AD425-455.AE nummus,13mm;1.22g. Roma mint.Scarce.Fine1.99 USD02019-03-29 22:22:57
Roman Emperial: Valentinian III, 425-55 AD, AU Solidus1280.0 USD2019-04-17 01:40:19
Western Rome AV Solidus Emp Valentinian III (425-55 AD) Ch AU NGC - SKU#1865562598.96 USD2019-04-11 22:36:23
Valentinian III AE4 EXTR RARE !!187.0 USD2019-03-30 10:49:30
Valentinian III - 425-455 A.D. Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Rare Victory i37421180.0 USD2019-04-09 10:04:47
VALENTINIAN III 425AD Rome Victory RARE Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i42845260.0 USD2019-04-08 07:36:27
Roman Empire-Valentinian III 425-455 AD AE4 "Cross in Wreath" Ancient Roman Coin55.0 USD2019-03-29 08:56:19
ZURQIEH -as9301- Valentinian III. 425-455 AD. AE 4 140.0 USD2019-04-13 18:30:23
Very rare! Bronze AE4 of Valentinian III (425-455 AD), w/chi-rho, Roman Empire130.0 USD2019-03-31 01:08:01
VALENTINIAN III Emperor 425-455 Roman Empire Gold Solidus Superb Coin ICG-AU58 2499.0 USD2019-04-09 19:20:35
ZURQIEH -aa7834- VALENTINIAN III AE 4 . NICE AS FOUND300.0 USD2019-04-13 02:57:02
VALENTINIAN III Emperor 425-455 Roman Empire Gold Solidus Superb Coin AU1699.99 USD02019-03-23 20:02:18
VALENTINIAN III Emperor 430-455 Roman Empire Gold Solidus Superb Coin AU1649.99 USD2019-03-29 04:44:44
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